Boulder Plan and Document of Efficacy

Planet Earth, further economic development and sustainability survival actions.*

Clinton staying with liberal economics, an engine, an investment fortress, economically suited as a sacred tent of jobs, jobs, jobs–in the Goodness of God’s love–similar to Fort Knox–a gold reserve; keeping confidence in the U.S. Treasury’s bonds market. Generating fusion energy and hydrogen-fueled cars, with corresponding hydrogen refueling stations.

Calling the bonds: “Living Bonds for avoiding the Universal ‘Icebergs’ that the ‘Vikings,’ to the promised land of America in a Marshall II Plan; in which the United States is partnered with Canada, Mexico, and Chile in NAFTA II, and Asia in the Asian trade agreements, applied to tiger economies ascending, and Tokyo’s established economic engine.

Finally, trade agreements with Europe and investments in Nigeria and other African nations–this EarthmotherShip will really take off, with the next generation of kids, coming up envisioned from Walt Disney’s Pan–flying by ecosystems connected by Einstein incomplete theory of physics–theory that has been shown to exist in applied-physics connections at huge distances from each mini-ecosystem  (like the cinematic presentation shows).

Liberal economics, democracy, Clinton. Good deal. 100 million trillion dollars over 500 years of bio-engineered technologies from the Creator God, the God of Sanity, thus Love, best brains in America and abroad.

Sounds like a winner future for many, many, generations of the global population to come. Recognizing populations of the world needing legal-entity status, and equality, and, firstly, jobs needed for constituents of America! and those of foreign nations that, secondly gain opportunity, from this Republic of Democracy, that reaches with evolving social science, anchored in reformed liberal economics!

Mind you, for Behavioral Economics–you don’t bleed George Washington to death again–that means sustainability actions that are effective in economic policy are needed for motherEarth and to lead the new economy.  Even with monetary irrationalities, secured.

We will replace gold with Platinum in Fort Knox!!  Gold investment in global-infrastructure development

Let it be done by domestic 4th industrial revolution of the beyond post-modern era, the Boulder Plan in all nations. Amendments to our Globalized, constitutional governments for Japan, Britain, and Iceland whenever possible.  Declaration of Efficacy: G200 Marshall Plan II. Fort Knox over 200 years for 500 year economic infusion; and amended constitutional law meeting the demands of globalization.

Solid. Seasoned. A tendency to be or become rounded at the edges.  Boulder Plan, Declaration of Efficacy! With a strong Vice-President complementing a Clinton Administration!


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