Laws of Species Motivating Behavior

Laws of Species Motivating Behavior

Human Natural Law of Survival and Thriving is the highest law of behavior. “Apply what motivates the human species to survive and thrive, and learn and, again, apply this knowledge as the top motivating influence of the species on ‘Survival and Thriving.'”

“Natural Order, Natural Law” is second most important motivator. Considered secondly, because “all things are a temporary way-station of conscious effort;” although the Law is common ground that binds together the human species despite diverse backgrounds.

Archaeological dig of the Infirmation Age: Uncovering Egregious Behavior Buried that was Claimed to be from an Earlier Period

Unnatural Order or Disorder in Scientific Laws of Chaos is the third law of motivation, because it has limits on the time interval that matter is in chaos (including the human species), and has persistent inconsistencies that are described by what disorder matter-in- motion, has in common, consistently. Consistent with, what, both, Don’t-have, disorder in-common, in-motion, relative to one another, over a time-interval algorhythm that is restricted in time by the limits of chaos-motion in matter before it reaches beyond the capacity of humankind, to restore, or transform, physics motion, by enthalpy levels of disorder-to-order, by Retreating Energy from disorder (diminishing entropy), or Transforming Energy that stabilizes into an orderly proceeding, by the algorhythms persistencies in referencing areas of disorder and labeling it as “-1;” to other control references that are not persisting, no motion is occurring, as “0;” to stabilizing areas of orderly motion, labeled, “1.” Thus creating stability in an algorithm vehicle.

Ideally, Not to “do us in.” (And the worth [+1] should be given, fast, and thorough consideration such that “0” action (a default neutral position) is really “-1” in full negative or destructive value.

This is the sociobiopsychopsycht ethical behavioral science consideration to be given full discussion to see if the full value of nutritious, exercised, and strengthened, enthalpic energy (+1) (determined by constructive effort or work) expended by homo sapiens has the biogenetic motivation to exact a working solution of the 2 of 14 icebergs’ challenges on planet Earth within the known universe we are just now getting acquainted with.

An xample of trinominal algorhthym is electrocardiogram shock to restore heart rhythm of a chaotic sudden death arrhythmic rhythm. All anti-pumping points of the heart are “-1,” any blood going through the circulatory requires a “0,” at the heart-referenced loci, and, areas with primary muscle response, accepting a healthy signal from a pacemaker, is labeled “1.”

This creates new algorhythms and technologically requires a tertiary silicon chip, similar to a balancing bar for three responses biologically to fine tune a pace maker, and sociobioethically, to acknowledge egregious behavior as a part behavior of political science and other human species organizations, reminiscent of Hobbesian philosophy.

There is two types of energy expenditures, one destructive, tends to be naturally egregious; one is voluntary neutral or constructive in energy expenditure such that the great value isgreater value of absolute decimals than the negative, terrible values for winning policy procedure.


With regards to political science policy, sociobiopsychopsycht behavioral ethics can renter poltical science, weighted for its destructiveness creating chaos, from zero to negative decimal values up to negative 1.

Constructive endeavor is the Between zero And positive decimal And full value positive one.

Most successful efforts are:


-y + 0 < 0 + (+x),  where y is egregious behavior recognized by political scientists,

And x is constructive endeavor

such that x is Effective if:

-1 < y <= 0 < x <= +1

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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