Is existence Grand, or imperative?! And are we seeking maximum profit, or just destroying lives for Faustian bargains???!

Is existence Grand, or imperative?! And are we seeking maximum profit, or just destroying lives for Faustian bargains???!

Is existence something to be reserved to royalty, or shall the State be larger than the whole of constituents, greater than the sum, not representative, but an overbearing albatross?!!

With the possibility of losing legal entity status for constituents equal under our living constitutional documents, do we urge other nations to take it among themselves to seek a voice from the legal status of existence, both liberal–own person–and collectively–in community, society, and global village?!

Is it our natural law that commands Us to seek these legal instruments that emphasize Equality and the Right to Live by a Living Wage for our own constituents for a Living Democracy, and for other nations as well? Will we support their efforts as comrades alligned for a cause to “do the worker good” by allowing proper care for him- and herself, and their children and pets for a brutally pragmatic optimum vitale of stamina and strength to bolster their capacity at enduring the very, very high productivity demands required to receive maximum net profit, resulting much less healthcare expenses, much less time off, much less stress cracks, much less physical symptoms,–greater output, at the required standard deviation (which may be close to an nonexistent deviation!)

Shall we seek a more affordable healthcare? One not referred to in any way as “socialized,” but mandatory State appropriation?!

Do we then continue with the true evolving economy, and continue to provide unemployment for the majority of workers whom have to go from one place of employment to the next, because of the nine-tenths rule of before-5-year bankruptcy.

Do we, with the advent of the field of neuroscience, admit that workers have brains, and those brains have minds that need to care for acquiring foods, staple items, and necessary services in realistic 24-hr. setting for themselves, their children, and loved pets. (Taking the edge off of bare, cold facts by talking about our loving pets, also?!)

Shall we do democracy good by acknowledging the majority and minorities that have the capacity to excel long-term, drive GDP to it’s highest levels, and continue without costing more time to recharge, sleep, and get up and do it again, and again–if they as adults, were allotted the time for adequate care, mandatory services, and mandatory sleeptime?!!

—-Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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