Karl Popper’s Discussion on Organic Political bodies

Karl Popper’s Discussion on Organic Political bodies, Or Seeking Metaphysical Fame and Glory and Spirit in “Moral” War and “Cleansing ”

Made pathological by enemies of open society. First, getting themselves very sick, the political agents, which then transfer to the political body to make the democratic Republic very sick, and diseased.

The theme on disease, inflicting political agents purposely, and the political body very sick of the “People,” extends itself among fatalists to intentionally cause pandemics that only a few selected rulers of Marxist political philosophy will have antidotes to as oppressors.

But such a scenario holds the remaining few to be inflicted with a newly generated plague greater than Black Death in Europe when 50 million were killed by the War and the Plague went around the world during the end of the WorldWar II.

Look to logistics record developing, less for emergency preparedness, more for “spiritual development,” and “cleansing of the soul,” via bioagents “doing Moral good” by the murder of billions of people, in a Hegelian nightmare of mechanized Logistical genius.  Modeling in the Center for Disease Control can initiate pandemics rather than avoid or limit them.   Military directives can be initialized for population control advantages when the relative moral code degrades to bad things may be monitored but egregious acts are first, condoned, then, lauded as “most excellent! actions of presently evolving species.

Search to learn how they apply their brains, and where their investments are concentrated for quick follow through on diabolical plans!

The socialist anarchist disrupts the main order.  The bioagents kill billions of people in Marxist regimes where rulers are oppressors, and Marxist theory that states that “politics doesn’t really work.”

Look to Satanic imbecility and homosexual excesses marked by Hegelian philosophy, as dominant feature of Jonestownian reverence for social suicide in the name of Christ, both Christian and Judaic, justifying 2-3 billion dead; and Marxists from religious sects, calling for the death of liberal economics, death of democracy, and death of our human species to satisy amilleniumial prophesy better served by Issac Newton’s Apocalyptic epiphany of 1,000 years of Jesus on Earth, as bio-genetically engineered real possibility to counter atheistic self-prophesies of clergy.

It must become crimes against humanity for hedge funds to gamble against human life.  Such gambling can sacrifice the ablest and best in context of a continuing saga in history.  We need these people.  History makes the global syndicate waste them, these people secure value investing in the financial markets over time. To the tune of 100 million trillion dollars over 500-yr horizon.

Their statements are direct, right on the bottom line. They make everything matter when quantum physics kinda says, “lt is not really there!??!!”. Everything is there and leaders like these, including Abraham Boulder, provide an invaluable service!


Abraham Boulder.

P.S. Both the State of Colorado and the State of Washington operate under “inspiration from the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.” What these clinical field cleaners do is assume that through training they, the trained, or “educated,” have evolved to “Godly proportions” whereby they are the gods, or in this case, they are the people, all of them are God, and they are, at some level the State, usurping limits of state power, and initiating applied laws decriminalizing murder for State enrolled students to confront the public and actively, and quite silently murder the public enmasse!

It’s been going on for some time now and it is ever expanding.  It seems to run under the banner of a Marxist Totalitarian State and 8/9ths of the population are randomly selected, so no one group will be pointed as sole recipient of these death squads.

Freedom of speech is lawful. Internet browsers can be put on incognito.  Everything said can be symbolic to protest feared action against the citizenry. Any concrete evidence can be confirmed to authenticate these discussions of possibility without requesting official comments from government officials or the press.

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