Natural valid ontological wisdom intelligent, WQ, philosophy or “brains forward”

Einstein said that you can’t solve the problems in the “mind” you created them in, which has developed into acute retardation.

There must be a paradigm shift where you are willing to solve the problems divergently with WQ, wisdom intellegence (not “mere” idiocy, seriously applied.)

The mind has to let go to “out of your mind” higher order of a quantum paradigm shift in [universal] consciousness, which is greater than the synergy puzzles’ parts, Or terse and a synergeistic event with release of quantum historical tension.

Achieving by using your brains and letting your mind focus on priority lists connected to WQ.

Once we solve our key problems in our mindful journey or adventure via priority lists, we can rest the mind to take in the changes and relearn in this shift of paradigm “new mind.”

It’s basically meditating focused on “not me.” Then applying divergent brains to find the final answer units to “equations” with multiple solutions per unit. And then minding the revolution created.

Abraham Boulder

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Try being correct

Correctness solves problems.

From right or left, big or small, right or wrong at any given point of time, good or bad, being terrible (being just awful!!), or doing great work, to do something and get it done correctly is to adjust to change and learn from the experience.

Spending time going from one polar extreme to the other, slapping bad with good and good with bad, when in actuality, any one of us could be at one extreme of bad or the other of good, and somewhere in between. It all goes to show you that “living life is fluid, not fixed.”

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

Abraham Boulder

P.S. scope on laser rifle, takes time to harm. Attempt clean through me.

After then, converted bugsey irradiated placed on ceiling floor (Earthly gravity) and nanostructured viral of all sorts filtering via entanglement with microbiome fitting in slots on my person as domino slots start to look like canister trailers pulled by semi-truck.

The whole look on the ceiling floor (above) was like fitting the bug “canisters” on a minature, commercial vessel entering port, and the hauled by semi-truck.  The fit was snug, but there was no stacked going on.

Imoressed that a bifurcation would lead to infestation and death.

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Constructive animation principle, dictum: evolve via neurobioAI ethics with affective intelligence (EQ) and wisdom intelligence (WQ)

Easy to destroy, hard to rectify. Post-Enlightenment.

Disassembly deconstructionism, perverted Post-Modern “victory,” Straussian lies, Post-Straussian Acts of pseudo-science ena tments.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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Say, say.



I fade away,

Robot. carefully a lovin’

‘Causing death,
Nearly, not allowed to say
Extinct is not the way to go.

Caring for my self,
And partner too.
Who wonders when I’ll accept
“The way it is,” and
Help more around the house.

“The way it is”
Is private initiative,
With no “” bubble.

Separating new emergent business,
From “Enrons” galore,

Economic stimulation widening the energy field,
With 10 or 12 energy fields,
To cover our needs,

$25 trillion market value to win
Let’s get going,
On this Day.

Keven Jung Young.

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“On” time

Robodestruct “on”  Focus: no conscience “10 cm” to see, “if what you are doing is okay?” is removed from remaining brain.

Functions to complete tasks.centering on a destructive utopia.  Game “on.”. Discretion: be advised.


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Let me be clear

It’s about language–linguistics and physics–energy and motion.


Energy is inputted in correct cognitive faculty functions and correct actions on matter(s) concerning the next decade horizon with the goal to meet the 220-year exoplanet ecoequilibrium.


This learning process may begin after schooling, including graduate school.


The scheduling by Earth science departments and colleges.


Credit worthiness by a private rater, like Moody’s.  Determine grade of corporate bonds with respect to analysis conclusions of Earth science higher learning schools.  Standard computations for economic incentives and disincentives based on the Earth sciences.

Abraham Boulder

It’s not that the metanormal sixth sense doesn’t exist.  “Crises in Democracy” (you can buy the academic report on the internet) states that metaphysically, they could not quantify the data or information received from the non-five senses (measure) in standard units.

But you can use a rating index that is relative pragmatically (not philosophically relative because then “all things being equal, all are legitimate and worthwhile from their standing point”.

From hideous and wretched, to bad off, to good deal, excellent work, to your most excellency!

We can measure the worth of someone and their ability to moderate, so that things don’t ‘fall off the charts” (like the chart of “hideous and wretched” h&w–> negative infinity.

Investing too much causes a “ bubble.”

Not separating from the next Enrons’s even if they are “impeccable” leaves emergent markets with opportunity “to fall flat on their face.”



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A quick remedy.

What if Jimi Hendrix were to, instead of “Purple Haze” took his guitar and “did a Moonie,” whom, busted his guitar up on the amplifiers; rather, went down to the audience, and brutally “busted up” the people he met there?

Would he then sing, “Are you experienced?”

When the rearing you endure leads you forthrightly, some say there is supposed to be pause for insight, before the foresight takes action. A pause they are quoted as saying “10 cm” worth.

Well, what if your arse sends you “head over heels” into medicinal poisoning, not in 10 years, should the species fail to save itself, but now in a “no-pause” wholesale slaughter, by poison, of populations of this world. Starting with U.S, which presently is toilet to the world’s hazardous and radioactive waste. To think of it as “medicinal use” resources.

Like the deforestation of the Amazon forests in South America, and the killing fields of Cambodia.

It’s no wait.” Express genocide.

–Keven Jung Young

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