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By meeting the demons and offering her body as food [literally] to them [lamas] with unshakable compassion [allies to a compassionate fall] than fighting against them, Machig turned the demons into allies [but is this the time when King Saul falls on his own sword in the West?!].

Derived from the Greek “daemon” or “daimon,” the term originally referred to a person’s guiding spirit.

The Greek daemon was a Divine creature, a guiding spirit to be trusted and relied upon.


‘We will see’ [my quote notation] that
through the process of meeting and feeding a demon with love and compassion, it can be transformed into a daemon.

“Our greatest daemon is to be so careless with humaness that we sever our heads of victors and heroes, so that a sewer rat becomes superior to our being, or not [that is, alive but “deadened” by short telomeres].”

-Abraham Boulder

What does this say about the monster-slaying heroic mentality that so enthralls and permeates Western literature and society?

Among these is inflation of those who identify themselves with the role of the dragon-slaying hero, regardless of their virtue.

By Tsultrim Allione (double quote by Abraham Boulder)

The tendency to kill rather than to engage the the dragon prevents us from knowing our own demons and from knowing our allies.

Today perhaps more than ever before, we are trapped by over identification with the dragon-slaying myth.

As we seek to kill the dragon, we find ourselves in danger of destroying each other and the natural world, making human life on this planet untenable.

Our pursuit of such things as wealth and success is so defined by struggle that even if we finally reach these goals, the ingrained pattern [of this kind of] striving won’t allow us to enjoy the fruits of labor.

…but in actuality it’s creating a more and more dangerous world. Clearly we need to explore the alternative or engaging and communicating with the enemy rather than destroying it.

“We need to get a hold of ourselves, not kill everything and drive biogenetics for biodiversity with any species possible, kept on dry ice.”

-Abraham Boulder

Facing and feeding our demons avoids the creation of a raging monster that wreaks destruction both in us and in the world.

…the dragon is not slain…but drawn out and fearlessly nurtured…the potential enemy is transformed into an ally.

This means that the energy that has been tied up in struggle becomes a positive and potentially protective force, a daemon rather than a demon.

The shadow is the repressed self, the unwelcome aspects of our personality, we disown.

We are often unaware of the shadow of our personality, because they are unseen by the conscious mind.

If the shadow is not made conscious and integrated, it operates undercover, becoming the saboteur of our best intentions as well as causing harm to others.

Bringing the shadow to awareness reduces it’s destructive power and releases the life energy (the potential) stored in it.

By befriending that which scares us most, we find our own wisdom.

By Tsultrim Allione


“The Hebrew, or Evret most important prayer is: “Hear O’ Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.”

“But what of this one. What of this one?

“Well, in the Alcoholics Anonymous form is the Higher Power–God is the God of sanity, and the God of health. Further, our demons get the best of us, we feed them too much (that’s not nurturing them), God of resilience, God of resilience (if you find Him for your self, or me, that way).

“But He is also the God of genuine love. Less sexual assault, more caring of other’s well-being.

“Jesus Christ is our “out” to our perpetual hate. Our Not-me figure of Christianity.

“For we are Hobbesian, and we are capable of great terribleness as in the Apocalyptic vision of The Thirty Years War of the Reformation.

“Let us find our way with Only one God of JudeoChristian ethics and merge sanely with the East, and sanely, be one. It’s confusion in gods, single-unit mentalities, and our nonrecognition of our AI Tool and our dominance and command over advanced computering and it’s stand-alone capacities that most stand in our way. Let learn and relearn to live. Living together. With our hostilities,with our hatred.

“But with tempered genuine love for sanity, redemption, and concern about health.

“Let us, psychologically, relearn to live. Death is by default, striving to live and relearning how to live the challenge.

-Abraham Boulder

“Text into the social media website, that are not personal comments do Not have quotes are by Tsultirm Allione. Check her out on the internet or your favorite bookstore. Thank you.”





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The Big Prison

Here. At last. Soviet psychiatry. MRI taken from clinic for radiation exposure.

Machine on.

Weakens the body of the injured party. Then a statement repeated often, until it sticks with injured parties’ subconscious (yes, operator or medical personnel tries to impose on you subconsciously in a weakened state).

Just as if you were tired, the subconscious becomes more apparent: weakening the body exposes you to a series of subliminal messages from the messenger on purpose.

Then sealed in the body via trauma caused by overusing MRI for radiation poisoning: The series of phrases then becomes an unwilling mantra.

“Breaking the person” with medical technology, performed by a psychiatrist. You begin to “hear” the State only.

So enters Mother Russia. Causing a neuropsychology breakdown to “hear” the State in loud voices.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy, Washington state.

P.S  It is the US. government cooperating with Andre Greykov and also U.S. intelligence.

I can be shutdown immediately.

If I live, I need my checks and the thousand dollars for travel. That will fix my car, and I can have enough food to last the month before providing the owner of the new place rent money and food money for next month.

Cooperation at a stall.  Looking for bird calls from the city zoo.

Told cooperation is at hand.  Could be two-faced, and dead.

I can call Perry on money and request the money right away.  I can contact Mr. Michael Shaw, MSW, L.I.S.C. that I’ve made the decision to travel East without my partner.  She possibly may be restless.


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Is this soulful information? “Hear” the possibility?

Information in common unconscious:

Possible action: consider.

“All Jesus believers live, all Jews die.”

Leadership may have not made peace with hate.  Possibly, more than public bullying.

Better said than disregarding possibility.


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Republicans want to hold onto seats in Congress

This the year to turn the tide for Science II. Negotiation in hardball politics spells big profits legally disbursed for this coming election.

A Marshall Plan II, G200–G20 51%–49% return on profits between 1st world-economies and 2nd and 3rd. Plan uses private companies and corporations for applied entrepreneurial economic emergent markets.

Private credit bank rating businesses for economic disincentive penalties and economic incentives for economic development.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. Consumers and tax payers need to be vigilante in opposing government buyouts of closing corporations for CEO’s and executive’s profits and taxpayer debt that will need to be decreased readily.


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Personally speaking,

My parents were forgiving and merciful, and I was too. Mutual intolerance existed.

I meant to mature to adulthood under the rule that the brain doesn’t reach maturity until 23 years.

Life and death interruptions weighed on me heavily.

My Mom’s death, my brother’s wedding, and my father’s wedding were an opportunity for deconstructionist destruction of family, post-modern opportunity for perversion and claimed victory against my worth, lies upon lies in Straussian pursuit to falsify my identity, and post-Straussian attempts at confirming incompetence of my stolid movement and moral fortitude along the lines of Hobbesian greatness–a counterweight to all our vices (including my own) and flawed business dealings we encounter.

Honesty and the good, do exist–but not without whitewash.

My stolidness is a result of introverted intuition limited in scope to relevant incidents that can be looked into corporeally.

I think the word, “education” is to educate for psyche economy deficit, not surplus, hence, interference in productive work to satisfy the very, very acute anti-social behavior deified around the world to stop civilization forever–However, whatever was Western, will be World civilization with leaders around the globe who are opportunists in free or low-cost college educations.

The education not only needs divergency in creative brain activity, but philosophy, behavioral science, and medical science reaffirming the value in living, rather than death.

Plenty of time for that.  Death, I mean.

Abraham Boulder

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Seriously, consider.

There should be voice verification on all command decisions. As an app on cell phone and dedicated lines.

Heresay defaults to falsehood. Want to know if something is real, actually verify with reliable sensing–your own five senses and sense instruments that aid in the corporeal verification.

From the cosmos of universal unified field of consciousness idea quanta, to verification as important via gravity, seriousness via graveness, and timely by the Apple watch, exoplanet Earthtime.

Abraham Boulder

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The fight against Totalitarianism in the classwork and homework

It is this metaphysical phenomena, now quantum physics and subparticles, particles, and simple nanos, also I introduce idea quanta as a twist or turn on string theory, precursor to DNA.

In this quantum physics realm, there is applied communism (anti-matter, apathy, or piecemeal work to be replaced by robots).

Then there is liberal political philosophy allowing for liberal economics (self-driven) and conservative political philosophy meant to be a communitarian reference not to act solitarily.

It is these two philosophies (liberal and conservative) that become a quantum physics problem because ideas either come from your own brain (“trying something out for your self”), or are dictated to you and you are the reception of the State–your mind is owned, and your thoughts are not your own.

You no longer exist.  The state exists.  Thoughts can be hampered extremely with, ” look ma, no hands!”

When ideas are freely traded (bought and sold) the exchange or market, and the “trying on for oneself” ideas in a psycheeconomy surplus intellect affect is free from linguistic and idea-quantum tyranny.

These are natural laws of quantum physics (idea matter and quantum energy) that are represented in philosophy by ideas of “freedom” and “liberty.”

Abraham Boulder

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