Pyramid face a star or stars in sky.

For good measure see if there are planets around those solar systems?


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Humans living having priority over the economic value of robotics used in noncritical roles.

The species, homo sapiens sapiens has to have a default economic value at a price on his or her head as an asset greater than a common-role robot but less than robots utilized in critical functions.

Economists say there already exists a market price, but I think politics needs to determine an adjusting price in order to value humans above most robots except the critically utilization bodybots in this market-driven economy and political structure.

Let us not value the robot at a price greater than general human existence, because that would lead to human annihilation.

This is presuming we can save homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and physically evolve to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Physical evolution occurs in the sacred cerebrum and lymbic system to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens through human command of AI quantum fusion, and human command of bioengineering altering cerebellum and the body as needed.

Evolution dictates that further evolving outside of culture (e.g., pathogens) will eliminate fated populations that conceivably entail any or all species types of homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and homo sapiens sapiens.

Repopulation will require symbiotic relationships discovered between human species by the knowledge that diversity has key elements in evolution and destiny for generations of humans to come.

Abraham Boulder

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Preamble considered.


“we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their the Creator of certain inalienable rights [or fundamental rights of constituents that include the rights of] Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness [in accordance with civil law.]

-From the very beginning of Declaration of Independence.

What are truths? They are complete ideas, perhaps idea quanta in the universe’s quantum field of string (as in, string theory): twists and turns having “cause” (energy applied) and “direction” leading to “waves of grain” and “effect” or results of ideas which we call “freedom,” “peace,” and at times, “war.”

Ideas manifesting direction of matter in the universe, by definition, by causal events of energy and matter are “Creator endowed” phenomena because they are in His universe. This is metanormal causal information in the universe.

And sense separate from physical five senses of human on Earth whom also are taken very seriously (“of gravity,” or “of graveness,” “of great fortune,” or Providence “providing” favorable outcomes from competition and prudence, and ecosanity.) Prosperity and jobs at a time when Human Command physically evolves from sacred cerrebellum and lymbic system applying AI quantum fusion tool to physically evolve to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

This latter defining of physical five senses and causal events of exoplanet success.

This occurs while Earthly physical evolution of human command and AI quantum fusion tool is dynamically applied in our human creature’s favor of evolutionary advantage.

And bioengineering adjusts our bodies and cerebellum to this exoplanet’s universal laws as we control parts of the Earth’s bioecology to keep it within parameters suitable for habitation, rather than creating a “Mars” of Earth.

I Abraham Boulder pursue my inalienable right to seek happiness by the proclaimed right to Life and Liberty fundamental to constituencies of limited state governments (both Central and Washington State) within the limited restrictions of my civil rights.

No government has the right to my Life, to destroy my constituency and my right to equal treatment of my rights under established law.

These inalienable rights, endowed by the Creator include Liberty from government under the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights for Creator agency (be it the health I receive from healthy spirituality personally and privately received from the Ruler of the Universe, good Almighty God, or the Source, or Origin, for me, the Only One God) separate from government and any responsibities that I need to fulfill to completion as prescribed by law.


Abraham Boulder

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How to fight with a F-35

We have the normal five senses to handle this plane.

But there is more to handling it “than meets the eye” or the other four senses for that matter.

So the other dimension is feeling your way in quantum physics with meta-normal feelings.

What is “out there” is in your heart (or not), and, consequently in the core of your brain stem: at the lymbic system: the fight, or flee of 2 million year old endoskeletal, warm-blooded, milk breasts, and young inside of evolving homo sapiens sapiens mammals to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Considered by some to have been created from the biogenetic evolution of these mammals and ordained with sacred cerebrum of homo sapiens sapiens to continued, physical evolution of our cerebrum using in the evolutionary process: Human Command with tools like AI quantum computing and bioengineering adapting our cerebellum to better cope with an exoplanet that acts more and more like the laws or principals of the universe and with fusion power: the stars of the billions of galaxies with singularity constructive mojo of meta-normal stemming from Creator God, Our Father who art in the Heavens and “we too will go.” And this exoplanet behaving less like the “Garden of Eden,” but perhaps enough kept alive for biogenetics engineering.

You can’t fight a war with no purpose or mission. At least not with the sensitivity of these jet fighters.

Figuring that action occurs in 85 percent unconsciousness it’s probable that most of the universe fits the pattern of 85 percent, universe dark matter exposure=85 percent private, personal unconscious also, including the commons (of unconsciousness).

Now in quantum space, there is matter and anti-matter. Also included is “intent.” Whereby we can expect to get what we’re wishing for if the follow through matches the closely kept intent.

If you are fighting a war with the intent of “blowing everything up” in the age of globalization, you cannot converge the metanormal to singularity of the “Creator” because your fight is not restrained and restricted so as to not interfere with private R&D scientists and innovators promoting homo sapiens sapiens sapiens Destiny. Otherwise, your intent is simply to blow everything up en masse.

In this case, one meta-normal spirit focuses on “destroying everything” (anti-mass drive) and the other introduces “intimacy with the universe,” (bringing us to the Father, Creator, God of the universe) meta-normal singular focus praying for constructive aim, constructive achievement, constructive, effective conclusions on real dead-lines.

The difference in intent, purpose, mission and results are the difference of an organisms anabolic system versus it’s catabolic system. That Jesus has been “matter,” and you don’t blow him up nor the likes of those whose Earth experience is a one-time affair for each destined generation, eternally. God bless those seeking Your help and steer those seeking trouble to come on down and see that a fight doesn’t have to be between five global “faces” with possibly, compromised brain capacity because the gene pool diminished went way down

Abraham Boulder

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Vienna Circle reaches the end.

Master program that professes just information. Welcome alien. Please sit down. Now, where should I begin.

What glorious information will we tell you so, “Simon says, ‘We all fall down.'”

1) Shell© answer man™,

2) Glad© man™ how to save freshness in your sandwich.

3) Mr. Clean™ gets things cleaned everytime.

4) Marge™ tells you how to soften your hands

5) The Hand™ (or The Thing©) is handy to make Hamburger Helper©.

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Extremism is overthinking. Use moderation.

Consequences of being far, far left and/or far, far right.
Or, moderate, moderate, moderate!.

Try what you may/come what may . . . triply hard to moderate when the unit you identify with has dynamically annihilated your person and dunks your head repeatedly under polluted waters to resolve your needs by way of doublethink, severe surveillance, “look Ma no hands!” regime oppression, absolutism, and personhood suppression, torture.

In addition AI viral serving itself as Supreme Dictator, no way out leads to submission and despair.

Suddenly, it occurs to you: “To be free of . . . somethimg.”. This is it!

To have freedom, from deleterious effects on your psyche is marvellous and essential to the continued faith in the “book of generations” titled book of “Numbers.” That is for generation-to-generation onwardness named Destiny forthcomimg to all the homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens on exoplanet Earth.

This instead of fragile genius advocating murder and suicide, impossibilities, implausibilities, futility, hopelessness and a fateful demise of the ongoing generations to pits of burning corpses resplendent in conceited confirmation of prophesy of Fate.

“Yes!” so goes the saying “I am brilliant, I am a Rhodes scholar,” and on the Titanic to show you control of human fate by my conscious effort to possibly sublimate action of the crowds by throwing them by my fateful leadership on the icebergs of Doom that the Vikings managed to steer clear of listening to the netherlands to avoid such cowardly fate.

How to harness the winds in a leader’s sails using the rudder, avoiding Doom imperatives–objects of fixation that neither move us forward to meet necessary obligated, literal deadlines, nor capture the vision of the knightly crew making their headway to imagined cities full of corporate offices redefined legally as corporate entities responsible for cleaning after themselves to render great profit by funneling monies into legally associated corporate entities who do the remedial work after harm and preventative work of reaching effluents before they reach drinking water sources.

Private enterprises aware that the Clean Water act was an unconstitutional bid to keep drinking water safe have to by their realization determine the private need to rid the noxious, toxic substances at the source and be given economic incentives to manage affiliate corporations legally defined as associates of the origin corporations by way of partnership neutralizing toxic substances and correct disposal in disposal waste sites

NIMBY (Not in my backyard) will need waste disposal sites with realistic economic incentives for private parties to dispose of industrial wastes correctly into these correctly lined and maintained waste sites.

All industry uses these sites or we are weened off these old markets as other industries begin the process of responsible handling of toxic and radioactive wastes in the marketplace in this 21st Century approach involving legal redefinition of corporate identities (entities).

Abraham Boulder

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Final touchdown.

The greatest football team we’ll ever have is 20,000 × 2 gene pool of homo sapiens sapiens.

Our strongest. Our most anti-fragile. Like the Tree of Life with the wind blowing.

Abraham Boulder

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