Work.  Function & Dysfunction.

Tenured professors are digitized over state computers.  Well-established and old.  Mental degenercy from dementia can cause faulty dogma by unsound judgment.  It is excellent that their longevity is assured, for the most part and long tenure providential as “the old guard.” A closed book.  Distinguished for it’s worth, I’m sure.

New York State neurosurgeons may look to grunge up work in states of Colorado and Washington. They may conduct lobotomies with excuses like, “this patient has conscience,” or “this patient has rebel-spirit.”

Totalitarians from the extreme left and from extreme right think “state”.  Just like arts and science majors can learn rudiments of state existentialism as a learning experience in Sociology college-level courses.

However, let us be clear, there is a state behavioral degeneracy focused on torture pride and outlandish techniques novel for their anti-life (Aryan) culture, so energized with metaphor (or fundamental anti-building blocks) “anti-matter,” to “exist not” that its cause leads to the destruction of all existence” ultimately physics effect. Whether in finite time space or infinite time space.

And there is psychiatric decompensaton in group form aided by Soviet psychiatric circles which involve state non-existential, non-entity nightmares leaving great agony personally in group members and  group social imbalance (nazi, not “balanced Nasi”) that bewilders by the off-edginess and dysfunctional loading up on amphetamines or adrenaline beverages.

The biological agony from at-large group participation of dysfunctional mass group settings and off-your-seat bewilderment of pain is what Soviet (social) scientists call “state ultimate truth”.

I exist, says the state which is an old shell of a CPU.  You are worst off than nothing exclaims the mechanical dictator (AI quantum mobile and hard drive).  Not a AI tool. Not a human command. (Essential qualities for democracy republic).

Abraham Boulder. -Keven Young

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News from the Coast

Wig-wam and PCB (Razpunksky) strolling along on a cruise ship near Alaska.

Stereotypical occurrences of cheap lodging attracted some Jews.

Forcing the stereotype to administrer hate by the barrels of relish on board, these two promptly shot and killed Jew passengers, allegedly.

Not the first time they were allegedly spotted murdering this fair group in North America.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven Young

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PsyD Chanq Intelligence not dismissed as irrelevant

Relevant of Love Objective only One God of generatons-to-come Destiny of Evretim tribe–not royalty.

Mordechai ben Mogen David: pro-life, living, Destiny and Nasi balance for humans in the universe and on exoplants. Florence for heterosexuals also and those believing in a constructive Creator of chanq energy and PhD intelligence. Creative arts meet smart AI applications used as tools to hyman command.

Next 300,000 years accompaying homo feme (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.  America 1st sharing in work and profit with world business, employees and encouraging effective charitable activities.  And intergoverment cooperation.

Reevaluate jew in 1,000 year peace between Jesus and science.

Jew is science and the only one God, Creator, God of beginnings.  Chanq energy.  Generation-to-generation human matter for chanq destiny.

Ancient Greek fate is toga party fatalistic, Aryan. Impossible.  Useless.  Not worthy the time, effort.  Too much scholarship and rearing for sound judgement.  A hopeless intelligence.

WQ, wisdom intelligence grabs you by the collar and “shakes your timbers.”  Says, “this wisdom doesn’t put you to sleep: agape.”

Let us keep up with literal deadlines.

Let us respond correctly for coinvid19.

Then correctly on this exoplanet so it’s universal laws do not make it a Mars or Venus.

Prophesy got Evretim to get off duff in Babylonia.

PysD in behavioral arts “after” Nietszche PhD thought exercise of Anti-christ to flow through to PsyD of Beyond Post-Modern synthesis and Post-Enlightenment after Deonstructionist decadence, Straussian lies, and Post-Straussian enactments of extreme psychopathic Machiavelian Narcissism Extremism legislature.

To clear highways, build a main structure in Jerusalem, renbuild cities around this main city.

The work was constructive and the energy was chanq.  Energy from extended telomere biomarkers and 14-day expositions, as well as 60-to-90-day excursions focusing on creatng and making profit around sustainabilty beyond the reach of party business people while enjoying pleasurable outings.

Maintenance on sustainables became critical and “hands off!” policy when people went to party at end of day or on business juntas.

PsyD objective love with Father figures and the “different” encouraging meeting literal deadlines.

Love & Chanq maintenance against Aryan death Nazi imbalance.  Atheists satisfaction.

Divine, the only one God of constructive achievement and project completion analyst.  Of good.  Of great.  Of work meeting requirements.  And off time not interfering with work and work progress. DEFENSE. Departmental work.

Abraham Boulder.

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Show and tell?

When an industry rises to greatness, is it customary to brave new lows.

Seek Aryan perjorative death cult to attack and attempt an offense with the intent to destroy the white race.

In north, south, central America it is a mix abiding the Iberian peninsula that involves people interaction.

Black, red, yellow, and white brave enough to fight neighborly foes for living rights through living rites in North America, Asia and Europe.

What better show of living rites to first beat your chest and show your nuclear phalluses.

Then to the grace of a god, willingly, knowingly, you could be a god but truthfully it directs an insane role by which to act.

To take the 12-step way and allow a Higher Power to be the God of constructive endeavor to be the love of a scientific term, that though objective, is “love” real.

With effort, and deadlines for family and friends.  To know science was always to be a friend.

And to know in your heart the love you feel is for survival, and the evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens and the the personal, intimate, the real of family.

Good things, for good people.

Abraham Boulder.    -Keven.

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Activities going in about the place

Straussian philosophy, Ph.D.

Straussian puscht, Psy.D

Post-Straussian, J.D. (laws enacted that lack correct, sound reasoning, not grounded in good science or ethics)

Read: “Demons” by Fyodor Doesteyevsky (“The Possessed”)


Read: “Fire and Light” by Burns

“Combustion,” word used by Thomas Jefferson to signify the revolutionary ideas and activities in the Enlightenment. (Scientific term)

Attempts at annihilation. Efforts at rape for trauma and creation of schizoid personality by making me reel inwards extreme radical aggressive homosexuality of a for-profit pejorative death cult of a New Jersey organized crime syndicate.

Read on the subject of “social problems” and “social illness.”

Read on “valueless society” which caters to the lowest dominator of us.

Look for answers to ecoplanet heurmeneutics.

(1) All starts false, like statistical models that always start at zero.

(2) Supermarket comparisons whereby

A comparres to B and B compares to C, C compares to A.

Thus A, B, C are said to be “relative” to one another in comparison shopping.

This also applies to self-fulfilling prophecies.

If God is dead. And Carl Jung is applied to the 12-step program for Him, the Higher Power (or singular God, Her in feminine tense of a name of God, the Higher Power),

Then we make the assumption that we just can’t be constructive enough without Him with feelings that take a scientific term, called “love.”

Loving God, loving ourselves with the universe ceiling of sanity enables us to seek constructive means for constructive results on schedule (on-time) while anticipating delays and arrivals–keeping an eye on the bottle necks and the 24-hour clock for a start of things during a 7-year stretch.

Loving as a objective scientific term for constructive endeavor, constructive achievement meeting literal deadlines.

And simultaneously, defense. A defensive department that hasn’t lost its way by protecting the love in Man and Woman for constructive action and constructive achievement on literal dead-lines.

No joke. And the greatest challenge of their lives.

Abraham Boulder

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Another day in fill-up cowboy country

Ongoing attempts at intimidation.

Hardwired to be a firm.

Government agencies misappropriating taxpayer is occurring.

But so is the very, very extreme radical homosexual aggression from pejorative death cult making wealth in organized crime syndicate as adult child poster children for rapes, murders, burglaries, autotheft, and pimping for human traffiking.

-Keven Jung Young

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Let us be heard


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Black noble knight: Computer rules.

And we become a viral plague to wipe out all living forms and work to produce a supercomputer to be the remnants of all effort by man, woman, and child as we become viral plague traveling throughout the universe as viral material to destroy all living forms.

And the survivor is the wreckage of the Titanic smacking into the iceberg not acknowledging “the deep.”  The human smart not conceptualizing WQ, wisdom intelligence with a common subconscious of psyche economy surplus).

Instead, a supercomputer that is disregarded in WQ. Serving only itself and damning Man to a weak goodnight.

Destroying themselves and the ship–just because.
“Because why?”
“Just because.”
The end
(They never get it)
Never get it

From the deep comes answers effective to solve our problems and to live our lives of achievement in the face of adversity.

To create a new dawn. To fulfill the destiny of “generations-to-come” for homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.

A link to the future by our presence on exoplanet Earth now.

By our endeavoring selfishly we deliver applied science and applied technology that applies in all subject disciplines of study and consequentially, learning in an age of integration, not just nano-sized discoveries at the tiniest degree.

So read, “Fire and Light” by Burns.

And the God of Abraham invites us to “live another day” if we can.

To leave atheists to ethical principles that the religious prescribed too as well.

That the God concept overdo(s)es everything and, the religious can calm down and find our way with the atheists as theology places the responsibility square on the shoulder of the prayerful and abstainers.

Act while others stand still.

Pray that we don’t devalue
ourselves the way we devalued life itself.

We can begin again.

And pace ourselves with a run on time for literal dead-lines.

Abraham Boulder

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When they spit you out…Or, it happens in India globally

First they collect information individually.

Then having mined countless amounts of sets of data, data processing the information, then tweaking with algorythms to collect from the processed data, completed data profiles of “situation 1,” “situation 2,” “situation 3,” etc. for these individuals.

Then repeating this sequence for each and every sequence applied, we have end results of data that then can be put completely aside.

And the data center, in the meantime, engineers profiles the government wants the individuals to have, replacing the original facts of life.

Blankets each and every person with profile data sets that blitz into each detailed “fact” of each newly issued person.

Such that “the emperor wears new clothes” when actually he’s a naked butt.

And the sudden “new me” has absolutely no relations with the former self.

And coping under these circumstances is agony– excrutiatingly difficult.

So here we are.

Government says no you’re not.

“Proves” that they “know what they’re talking about” and you try to cope.  Anxiety high.  You don’t know what to do.

So you turn out to have an “adjustment disorder” according to the authorities.

And a computer that tries to be Jack, from “Jack-in-the Box” is assigned to you to assuage your fears and clear your delusions from your mind that, the computer says, “you are not something you’re not” and, “get with it!  The me now is what matters.

“Otherwise, I am authorized to schedule a labotomy for you,

“To get to the bottom of this misunderstanding you are having.”

And all you want to do is make fried eggs out of this fake box!

(Sheer hell!)

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Too much doom, gloom

Did China sing hava nagilla . . .

Then kill many people in big old age home on the upside of Cedar River North??!

Near 140th Ave S.E. hill. Renton, WA

Was it a heist or ethnic cleansing?

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