Apartment Therapy: These Are the Most Sustainable Cities in the World

Apartment Therapy: These Are the Most Sustainable Cities in the World. https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/most-sustainable-cities-37190787

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The Guardian: Rich nations have promised to pay for the climate crisis – but will they?

The Guardian: Rich nations have promised to pay for the climate crisis – but will they?. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/nov/26/rich-nations-climate-crisis-cop28-gordon-brown

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The Guardian: Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all

The Guardian: Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/nov/24/green-technology-precision-fermentation-farming

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Rape, murder.

Veis. Brain developed lab. Not just arsenic and cyanide and anti-freeze from cigarettes. Acute sadist. Cold hearted. Desiring more than anything, to destroy the world.

When are their superiors going to act responsible to me, an honorably discharged US Air Force veteran given equal rights in Washington State constitution to add to my own or termed “liberal politics” rights of life, free from tyranny, and my chosen happiness.

My equal rights is for an honorable discharge this country doesn’t want to recognize because of wokism. Including Witsoe family, Yang, Devinsky, Weg, Wingerson, someone doing dubious chores who “has a name.”

Abraham Boulder

When will people who worked at social constructs proper going to stop trying to murder white, males, and males with sound calling in brilliance and paean experienced in metabrain milieu of the reserve, common unconscious (in a psyche economy surplus of constructive experience)? Healthy growth.

Is junior a female color creep dehumanizing humans for-profit by robotic “humans” with greater dollar value than real humans’ dollar value?

Do humans lose practical and life-giving monetary value because robotics is on, and doing all jobs?

Can we live and gain financial independence while robotics does the work?

Let us seek profit and have ourselves good fortune or at least blessings to go with the try, as we journey the odyssey of 9/10th rule.

Bring Phil smart dolls to roost? Soviet to quell general greed? No, no greed is for large profits and is the visceral leading us to solutions to our daily problems and our prayers.

Not attempting the Soviet as motivating ideologue because it does not capture the essence or impact of MOJO actions and profits the way greed does.


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Misconception that Machiavelli and Neitzsche are greater than Shakespeare.

Shakespeare composes about Machiavellian moves, but shows a level of  insanity in his work that Nietszche displays in his personal life and Machiavelli doesn’t grasp in the “Prince.”

But surely such betrayal and traitorship are  acts of madmen-on-the-sly.

And the power of madness seems too seductive and too great that men get labotomized, human-host snakes or rats, or stick insects as a result.

If greatness is truly great, why do so many men fail at it?  Is it that they think, to be great is insipid and stupid and Moscow 1900, Moscow 1917, Vienna Circle state-law and materialism?

Superior is then (a) The Age of Insight and (b) context.  Also the (c) applied intelligence correctly formulated by (d) Ph.D. or lessor (e.g., a life-long learner), and serving in the constructive milieu of psyche economy surplus.

What of Bibi?

Is Israel shamed by him?

Neither married nor had children. I practice Judaism in conservative movement away from the Orthodox because of the existence of female rabbis. Didn’t Orthodox Judaism get a female rabbi in Israel?

Telushkin, Schneerson, Kook, and Luzzatto.

Abraham Boulder

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The national identities of Russians and Ukranians do not seek anarchy, and look forward to possibilty of redemokratization after war, or before.


The 6th Century historian Procopious describes the Constantinople of his day as a disorderly tyranny down not only by the fear of the ruthless emperor, but also by an ambience of street violence originally politically motivated by the blue and green factions now transformed into simple extortion [of both those of wealth and the poor.]

Title: Rise up, Rise down, the Seattle wave.

The ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity that man feels called upon to realize are so unsuitable and unnatural to a purely earthly creature could only have arisen from faith in man’s divine parentage. Thus, both in deifying himself and serving more principles, man, while intellectually rejecting faith in God was in fact building his life heritage of that faith.

“Of the Two Natures in Man” by S. L Frank

This, according to man not depressed, isolated, lonely, dark and in despair.

A good sports participant and/or fan, man and woman, and child do not have to dress in gown and tux, eat remaining caviar and drink champagne and toast to the decision by him, and her to deliberately slam, smack into the iceberg to have freedom to choose his or her own fate.

But at the same time man and woman do not need to think themselves such “holy rollers” that they prescribe to ancient Greek fate and end all things in a tragic catastrophe. Incineration of ourselves with very, very dirty plutonium for some great or greatest ideal.

The Hebrew Bible has the Book of Numbers which lists generation-to-generation destiny of all mankind, humankind. And it is this Mesopotamian ideal of fecundity (even in the face of one-child families or no children families) that affords the chance to biologically evolve without the necessity of being superman other than the ubermensch of constructive endeavor already seen in moon, Mars and asteroid launches successfully engaged.

And Neitzsche spoke of a “higher plane” where we go after dying, that served as a thought exercise, of a place after death. But surely that can be seen by the faithful as Heaven, and the Higher Power as the Source of the capacity or ability to get constructive things done. An universe higher ceiling of sanity.

And eternal peace and love and happiness for our fateful personal, private deaths from personal, private lives in an effort enshrined by Providence.

The Hegellian idea that we strive and achieve and adapt by correctness in a constructive mode. Thus, adapting and changing–as if God read our history, and learnt about Himself for the very first time.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. in an act of pure anarchy, Father Weis is using a radioactive ray gun on my body to give me cancer. Life for him is meaningless. And rebirth, impossible.

Son Weis gravity feed poison on me 11/20/2022

Stodginess and stolidness leave little room for redemption. Rebirth of creativity and invention an incapacity. People have dropped out of life, for less.

Perhaps he needs to reckon with fate, and leave living life to those alive and happy for the challenge of success. Maybe he should be instrumental in affording opportunity for others, other than himself, whom seek success when opportunity is lost.

A turn-around capable of righting so many wrongs. An arrogance dissapating and a humility properly administered.

An ideal state, providing hope in this life, or the next.

Offices at the outfit walls shine with a sense of responsibility. But the labs, have none at all. There is a critical breach of security at the labs. Perhaps nothing will be made of this. But, perhaps sometĺhìng will. Can it be looked into thoroughly?

Phil imprisoned at Walla Walla has been running around outside the compound with a rifle. At Walla Walla, with Plawsky and Weg. Keeps putting dead matter on me as I attempt to sleep upstairs apartment.

The guards come from some dictator and brainwash the prisoners to attack society when they get out rather than attempt reform.

The one supervising the three is a guard or social worker under the same premise (brainwash the prisoners to attack society).

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PCB fenalyn with cocaine or 10,000x more potent than fenalyn.  He is so good that he is the Buddah, Jesus, and King David all in one.  Causing new world order.  Allegedly, body guard liked him and was killed by him and the guard was happy to die for him even though he was going for observation for 3 – 6 mos. because he or the chemical or both brainwash those close-at-hand (and then some–away from his periphery).

The higher man is opoid extreme fanatic still alive.

He’s poisoning me now. 16Nov2022, 23:00 nano Cl2 and nano acid. He’s obsessive compulsive in threat and action to end life permanently.


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Two prong: eye of the soul

Television tech.  Eye on livingroom.  Eye on cell phones. Pop

AI info reading faces, posture, gait, eye spatial, mouth, nose, around eyes.  Content of phone . . . Your facial reaction to specific words you are reading across the screen.

Total the SUV with the democratic republican inside.

Who will be our next president.  Shakespearen genius:  to be, or not to be, that is the fundamental, critical juncture.

Whose too old?  Senior bias, in time, I will die.  Dying bias.  If I die, I’m taking the world, or my country with me.  Old enough, that I’m taking everyone with me.

Two historical apocalypse in USA before now.  Does not have to lead to Armageddon.  WA State.  If you kill yourself, everything is all over–nothing remains.  If you cannot handle the heat in the kitchen, get out.  No Armageddon.  Death faith conviction for those whom hold such a belief system.

Soviet control with visual cues can be restricted when they are limited and software does not invade privacy to extreme levels. Measuring Soviet control in surveillance of private sector parallels government purchase of corporate stocks. A certain percentage of stock purchased by the government can have a deleterious effect on private enterprise dependent on the individual businesses’ characteristics and the volume of private stock the government holds. So, clearly there has to be restrictions on government intervention in the private sector. Surveillance is more than observation. It is behavioral control based on what is learnt from analytical software and what is spit back by the government on the nature and charcteristics of individuals.

Soviet government is only relevant when we limit the analytical characteristics of the computer software (limitations on queries and the data allowed to be collected). Irresponsible Soviet analytical software ride roughshod over the human species and has AI as the dictator leadership politically.

We can restrict computer analysis. We can avoid political rule by AI. We can have principles, including from private sector and liberal political philosophy (legality of own me).

There is a clearing ahead to solve our critical problems with ontime, effective solutions.

End of days.  Jew = adapts.  Hence, post-end of days. In 400-600 years we will know our new historical name from Evret Israel Judaic to ???

Abraham Boulder

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Fortune: I was a lead author on the climate report that won Al Gore the Nobel Prize. Here’s what we know now that we didn’t know then

Fortune: I was a lead author on the climate report that won Al Gore the Nobel Prize. Here’s what we know now that we didn’t know then. https://fortune.com/2022/11/15/lead-author-climate-report-al-gore-ipcc-nobel-prize-cop-enivornment-david-schimel/

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Sudden death

The enemy bolts by action not by chatter of neuroheuristics or false neurohermeneutics.

Abraham Boulder

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