Tree of Life and Liberty: clairvoyance as “keen observation.”

Book of living and death

1) There is a void.

2) The soul (?define) cannot go too far up or too far down without engaging in manic rearing sex acts in a figurative or spiritual sense or representing metaphorically that the impulse for life and autonomy continues into death.

3) There is exceedingly painful occurrences in the void.

4) There are exceedingly pleasurable occurrences enjoyed in the void.

5) Both can be manipulated.

Tree of death Clairvoyance II, as knowing via occult and sorcery:

6) It is thought, although not necessarily zero sum gain, that the soul in afterlife can be corrupted to feel sentiments of disdain and illwill on a continual basis in the unconscious towards a living soul. Thus continual “Aryan negativity” in the common unconscious. It is in the area of psyche economy deficit leading to many, complete burnout and depressed living humans,

7) Much to do of “talking to the dead” unconsciously in gross amounts of time by the living occultists whose conscious is missing self-identification

8) Sex with non-living forms as types of occult behavior and development of “sorcery tricks.”

9) Eating non-living human forms. The consumer cannot survive usually. Occult behavior.

10) Serial murder dynamics and performances through sorcery and occult techniques.

There is, aligned with anti-matter (defined as, against all existence) and Aryan death worship, statecraft that uses computer scientists for causal relationships to end scientific reality and spiritual afterlife.

This effort, communist, fascist, state-controlled radical dynamic of Totalitarianism works for anti-matter erradication of existence by setting up absolutist governments where the human life is “a totaled SUV on the freeway.”

Such a person subjected to the state fills a void where “state is all, and all is state.”

Consequently, leaving the populations of the world to “festivals” of “look ma, no hands!” of sociological science that oppresses, suppresses, depresses, and eradicates the human in human life and eradicates life in the living soul, or afterlife.

Finally, to eradicate afterlife of all souls: First by AI dictator being nonhuman absolutist government that completes the one-to-mass persons’ computer singularity in a crushing phenomena whereby the AI is only allowed conscious and unconscious thought. Humans: zip. (Zero consciousness, and continual “look ma, no hands” pain from the state).

And “the nondescrpt human” is systematically prepared for elimination, or systemic genocide.

The behavioral science action of large populations through religion and faith or atheistic idealism is possible. In the hands of the state seeing sacred sites as museum pieces and motivation-by-faith as anachronistic and punishable by death has been successfully rebelled against.

In the United States, as expressed in our first legal document, Declaration of Independence.

All revolutionary ideals are directed to “bringing down the wall” between the Federal government, the People, and the U.S. constituents.

In addition to the above discussion if true north (true east, true south, true west),

I endorse a satisfactory resolution of the immigration policy that both major political parties can live with in a conciliatory manner.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. See the paper by a professor of University of Kentucky that can be purchased on the internet, titled, “Crises in Democracy.” The main premise is that science and social science did not know what to do with the subject, metaphysics, so they hid discussions for a long time and moral values and ethical behavior we’re curtailed by a bland apologetic resulting from an overabundance of male, white liberal arts and science-educated participants in discussions that had constructive value.

Set a a true (north, east, south, west) course, we can solve divergently our crises in democracy, and get on with starting to build a world civilization focused on constructive endeavor and results to attain ecoequilibrium on this exoplanet and human progression opting for constructive evolution to be our primary desires and focus from an already Apocalyptic and Armageddon experience around 1609, 1945 and then nuclear winter capable since 1950.

Carl Young spent over 80 years developing sanity in Western Civilization while it was tearing itself apart. After his apocalypse of 1920 to 1948, he said humans can go post-apocalytptic.

I say, at “the end of days” we can go post-end-of-days, with Destiny for varieted races of human species, for 12, 250, and a thousand more years.

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When will he stop the torture?

PCB number 1 piece of crap from New Jersey sewers.

Using very dangerous chemicals and bioagents against his opponent.

Displaying the weakest kind of leadership. Foulest, crassest type of mouth.

Lacking compassion on level of serious major brain injury he incurred from smoking too much dope.

A misfit bully with obsessive compulsive tendencies and stunted ethical consideration capacity.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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From up above, or really down below. Both

Atomized, that is nano-ized gaseous particles entangled from ??Moscow reaching the Northern Tier of the United States, upper reaches near North Pole, and south Russia, Asia.

??Is it taking out families more than Applebee’s© or Olive Garden ©.


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2018 matrix

Thesis subject: psychiatric behavioral science.

Darkness seen as a symptom of mental illness

Opoids provided to relieve patient to counter “doom and gloom” mindset/brainwork.

Patient notices that dark reverie can lead to dark action, simply, but urgently put–needs a new start–starting over for long haul–and getting out of this purview of harm and destruction attitude.

Married to opoids of high potency, in a sense rewarding dark behavior, meaning rewarding harm and destructive behavior. Some doctors continue to believe that the contrast of acute anti-social disorder as a brain disorder with very high opoids administered as medicine, will keep the patient satiated and satisfied–no need for the patient to actually do harm!

I contend that the marrying of a sociopath to very high feelings or affect of medications rewards the patient in their continual wrong-doing whom, character and nature of the patient’s behavior further intensifies via ever-more potent opoid medication, and ever-more intense wrong-doing.

I think we opened the Pandora’s box when we allow the super intense opoid medication to be available to all medical doctors when it should only be used in cases, such as in trauma & shock.

This then can be seen as an introduction to a counter-revolution.

Getting ever increasing potency opoids in which the brain acknowledges the full potency of the psychiatric medicine as “top effect” only at times when patient causes harm when he or she “comes to town” with increasing harm and destruction rendered by the patient, receiving immediate reward, as the “effect” in the most intense artificial pleasure.

Abraham Boulder

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Please learn, it’s on us to better understand “ourselves,” meaning our intimate relationship with the universe.

Man–humanity goes into the dark, not to destroy itself, but to better understand, to end the ignorance, or , “The Great Ignorance” that so punctures his or her ego, in that he sees only 5 percent of what’s there–what’s inside us, what’s all around us and he or she subconsciously, readily, “looks” to end it’s (the unconscious) ignorance

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Go past the “Nazi” descriptor: a case for AI Tool, or “Who knows better, the computer or you?!” A simple answer.

The case of viral leaders with homosexual Nazi , read: an “human imbalance for Aryan death sentiments and actions whose simple style is far from innocent.”

Also, absent is the learnt integration of key facts and the capacity to read and solve problems shown in the book, Overcomplicated; in other words, no experience in being schooled in learning institutions of general and higher learning.

“Nazi” because of warped sentiment, taking multiple amphetamine pills daily, desiring end-of-world fiasco.

Thus, interfering with the serious, Post-Enlightenment universe of learning from Discovery, Innovation, Divergent answers as a host of ideas popping like Orville Reddenbacher’s popcorn.

Complexity sciences meets computational strength in complexity of computer programming in a parallel reality; whereby, answers energe in plain language on an “index card” for Human-creature Command understanding.

Then, questions can be raised from the plain, understood, “index-card,” message by way of a tree-flow diagram provided by the AI Tool computer with regards to the subject and contents discussed on the “index card.”

This, then, in order for the human Command interface to query in greater, and greater depth, learning along-the-way from AI Tool, answers of greater and greater depth.

Whereby approval or disapproval of arguments and approaches of the AI Tool by the human creature Command, assures that the AI Tool works for human creatures, and not the other-way-around. Command rests with human creature Command.

Abraham Boulder

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Aryan mortification

Dalai lama can now provide, if allowed, Aryan PsyD and Aryan social robotic engineering degrees for robotic computations of peripheral engagement of fungus spread behavior in homes with higher floors (sharing lower floor’s ceiling) to residents in unit below.

Disease can be spread and thought of as a natural death, although it is acts as death creation (Aryan behavioral science).

In fact, county environmental officials conducted a round up of death, deadly material hours ago.

And the Dalai lama teaches a robotic peripheral how to spread deadly fungus onto nonsuspecting persons below via a method similar to “gravity sandpainting” which immediately alerts other robotic peripherals with the capacity to do the same.

–Keven. December 18, 2018 16:56 PST

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