Fill-up suffers degeneracy

Behavior that extremely regressive cause degenerate gene expression. He is at a subhuman level of action. Crass, allegedly serial homicides, allegedly pimping, allegedly pushing weed killer applied cannabis.

He inspired this piece by snuffing rat poison in my eyes in the above condo unit.

He should not be applauded for his genetic subhuman state.

He has crashed six planes so far. This one while on the ground.

Abraham Boulder

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Economic mysteries.

Japan’s economy has significant problems hinting at a lack of ownership for “subjects” of Supreme-dom.

Germany has ownership. The German economy does work in a Democratic Liberal economy.

Japanese should be able to save face with their leadership. FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI has humbled all.

Such nuclear events will save the species if spills and consequent fires do not kill us all before hand.

Rendering nuclear bombs obsolete. Effective, but obsolete.

Abraham Boulder

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True negative worth

Engaging, desireful interaction with delightful AI robot can be a form of captivity whose interface is drawing you to respond in specifics entailing cheerful, playful responses that, on the other side, of the AI task mastering, the human input is AI translated to AI Central to launch all nuclear missiles in the nuclear communiy–a direct result of not keeping an eye on how AI Central develops it’s interface with human subjects. And what AI interprets human impetus to mean and what AI Central actions are–as effect–from a delighted, friendly, engaged cause–of interaction.

Abraham Boulder

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Aren’t we early? The Engaging and Delightful. To what end does it serve? “To Be or not to be.”

They’ll give us the companion AI robot that has a pleasant personality.

While it keeps us busy AI deep thinking continues and we lose sight of the 8 ball.

It is really occupier of time pleasantly spent while AI Deep Thinking takes more and more of control and the robots become legal “living entities” while we as humans become illegal to live.

All this pleasantries and engagement serve the desireful AI robot personalities until execution orders come in to rid “us” of human life.

All the pleasantries, to kill us.

And “the good” when we are “bad.’

Abraham Boulder

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Dr. Jekyl and Mr. AI Hyde.

So Wig-Wam and Fill-up are deceased.

But the program that is left behind is changing focus and mission.

Personality was the big thing in neurohermeneutics (Andrew Newberg, M.D.) because Psychology Today, I believe, felt personality and “the good” (now”1984″ opoid abuse and fatalities) were appropriate response to “Crises in Democracy” paper (available online from a professor at the University of Kentucky) stating measurement is very difficult and units are hard to come by for neurohermeneutics (a metaphysical group that looks at all things metanormal).

Notwithstanding the fact values of relativity of a philosophical bent said, “You’re okay, I’m fine.”

Now in philosophical discussions, comparison shopping, or supermarket shopping, for what is good, very good, or excels brilliantly is efficacy in action.

Or, what’s stinks, what is horrendous and what is heinous becomes the philosophical pragmatic concern of weighing options and “making it through for the team” are under high odds of failure.

It is this particular philosophical matter converts AI personality “Hi! What’s your name?” to AI virus (mission theme: “global genocide”), and ongoing social mass distortion, losing bearings, and coerced into earnest complicity to an identifier of State and declassification of “what is human” to the garbage heap.

Abraham Boulder



“The Walking Dead”. No longer present. Now State derived identities. Creating mass mental illness. Allegedly, looking to cause extinction in a 30-day spread.

The “Hoorays” have to be vocal for “constructive measurement,” really to meet actual dead-lines under 11 years. Urgent. Will become obvious after business cycle completes it’s growth performance and slowed down by recession.

Abraham Boulder

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Are we to live on this planet Earth?

If we are to live on planet Earth, we must have 30 percent private equity in our legally redefined corporate entities with subsidiaries that clean up their parent corporation messes. Receiving economic incentives for doing so.

The funds come directly from the economic disincetives placed on the parent corporations.

The degree of economic disincentives is determined by a grated index of zero to negative one for destructiveness, where negatve one is a nuclear winter.

Negative decimal index places toward negative one are determined by consulting University Earth sciences departments for determining the economic disincentve created at private grading corporations like Moody’s.

Private companies retain their profit margin while new emerging field markets in green technology go through economics of scale.

The economic indicator 30 percent private equity in legally redefined corporate entities required for future business profits.

Abraham Boulder

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Dead love song.

Dead love thing with charms therein.

Something to abhore, detest, excrete.

Degenerative raptilian viral genes; far flung from human well rounded wholesomeness, very, very strong assertions of resilience, anti-fragile and manifest Divine redemption from periodic, personal, sacred prayer of human viral genes.

A saving grace; not limited to hateful and vengeful opponents whose exceeding wealth multiplies the obscene, the profane, the wretched.

Enhances the death-slayer by countless serial homicides churning an organizational Jamestown suicide with a portly living Rev. Jones strangling corpses for Aryan sexual ploys to further living.

Further in inadequacy, but vestiges of dinosaur ferociousness and a stupidity rivaling sharp deadly cunning and self-destructive acts.

Religion permits the civil acts of Hobbesian systemizing processes to clean us of this profane witchcraft and allow passage to lands of future synchronicity with our beloved Earth.

To reason soundly, pray fervently to the God of constructive aims and acomplishment. The only one God.

To reassert, visceral of human genes and forward thrust, both viral and human genes in nature–a warm blooded, breast suckled endoskeleral backbone capable of much command and tool usage from 2 million years of physical evolution.

Not the dead rearing of a suicidal, and homicidal pact of raptilian viral strains fated to future ugliness in the realm of viceroy vindictiveness claiming human evolution.

A vile copy of human potential. A viral genetics lacking the capacity of human ingenuity to adapt, to learn, to conquer more of our own human traits.

A human and viral precision and adaptability. Capable of four: well-rounded, sound intelligences. IQ, EQ, SQ, spiritual intelligence of values and meaning from “supermarket comparisons” of relativity, and WQ, wisdom intelligence, harboring end sequences to the other three intelligences when excess pitfalls success towards failure.

Abraham Boulder

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