Memes for consideration

Foresight is belief. To have faith provides Eternity, with judgment in context with adults living adult lives.

A hereafter, and a now. To learn how to live and relearn how to live after a main event, or something meaningful.

Without/within. Hind sight, insight, foresight. Mindfulness..

BrainThink. BrainAct. Feedback. BrainAdjust.

Mind care. (mental health). Stereotypes assertively ignored. Self-compete. REBT therapy. Rational emotes. Emotional intelligence. Affective intelligence. Linguistics and physics. Tree of life.

Aryan death and Nazi imbalance betrayal. Stay not angry. Disappointed, sad. Healthy negative emotions. Feelings asserted. Non-aggression. “Taking it in stride.”

Defend the right to live. Defend the right to exist as human constituents. Defend the right to die, instead of existence with all the medical equipment.

Finding peace. And quiet. Love’s embrace. Morte. Good bye. Enlightenment.

Enlarging telomeres. Living dead. Final death.


Abraham Boulder


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