Sleepy eyes and memories

Post-mortem memories centering around, existential,”bleak peak” plight, of once-living subject, can find pleasure in fond memories of sex, with once living subject by someone among the living, retaining the “aura of memories” accumulated during years-of-memories of those who experienced the living subject; or the “aura of historical souls” surrounding the subject, while living or the deceased, are touched in the heart by his or her life’s existence.

Of the spirit, it can affect “learnt enjoyment,” and can “bend” Fate upon Death-that-there-is-no-
escape, with memory of Destiny-with-
possibllity- of-excepltonal, Good Ideals (“the Good”), amidst tiring Fate possessing hate and perversion.

This within a tangent, existential, humdrum archetype; ominous, eternal Fated death.

May those subjects now known as spirit find peace and learnt comfort from exceptional Good in a forever-doldrums plight. It is said to be possible to “not be” a “learning” spirit.

Great is the might from those who allow peace, quiet, positive realization in the eternal plight of Fate with Destiny.

Of peace, quiet, and the Good-being-of-great- might of keen perception (clairvoyance), and Noble silence.

Carl Jung said amongst his musings: what someone else calls, “meditative empiricism.”

That although most singular “ones’ (extroverted type) respond apprehensively, delicately handled discussion, from musings of “others” (introverted types) prove to yield Fondness and At eease, or “a releasing of psych[e] energy (not parapsychic of paranormal “anything.” energy), and relaxed position.

What is called released “energy” is the “release” of the “tightness” “of “the Man.”

Abraham Boulder

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