Contemplative empiricism exercising sound judgment using my Value Index

I don’t want to sound hasty, I mean in a modern sense. What we seem to have here is a communist revolution with the simply amazing capacity to use the mentally ill subjects.  Subjects heavily ill.

I don’t mean severe diagnoses because with such a diagnoses and prognosis as “guarded” such a person has an interview capability to handle “out of mind” subjects to locate the one’s subjects, truly innovative and useful versus those merely occupying space.

As for the retard special person, they seem to have a neurological edge on aggression, but an inability for sound judgment in historical events.

Enter the brain cyborg, and you have plenty of personality, but a lot of malfunction.

Is this uniquely Intel-level work?

Is this costing undue amounts of American lives and foreign enterprisers within American soverignty’s lives.

Abraham Boulder

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