mind, soul, and animating principle of universal matter

Faith has its own reason and can move billions of people in group settings to pull themselves and kin forward (behavioral science), while charitable contributions aid refugees, the starving, the disabled. Secular humanism. Mind.

Universe within and without person. Animating principle and affective intelligence, evolving ideas to be seen, as additional values on a value index x = +1, Christ apparent, z = 0 is neutral value, y = -1 is nuclear winter. Measures evolution-specific mechanics, apart from established dogma on quantum mechanics of universe.

The deviance from the absolute quantitative-mechanics mean (large-body physics), may have it’s effect from an animating principle on matter (mystically, called spirit), and affective intelligence in universal consciousness coupling an idea quantum (a twist of matter, by an animated quantum parcel, that entails evolutionary deviance) with quantitative mechanics (large-body physics) which is believed to recalibrate, as Isaac Newton stated, to correct general deviance in quantitative mechanics from its absolute mean throughout the universe.

Abraham Boulder

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