So the computer takes all

The true Father being the quantum computer. The working software fill-up, the AI genesis Gates, Jr. the robotics replacement needing clean-up:. Wig-Wam.

Apparently, we’re initiated and China, I believe doesn’t mind because our species evolves outside it’s present form, while they lead in grappeling with environmental issues.

Eyes should turn to Japan for solving radiation emissions from it’s reactor with accepted-practice technology before all Alaskan salmon are contaminated and other Pacific fisheries are contaminated as well.

Rainfall will be changing location. If anti-saline water treatment plant are necessary for drinking water, radiation above certain limits will stop capacity. More nuclear reactors will be built. More possible spills. More adequate technologies for cleanup needed. Starting now.

AI serves as a AI Tool. Command remains with the human person, except on accepted functions of the AI tool.

Counter to this is AI Virus, needing AI anti-Virus response, and AI Firewall maintenance.

Happy Father’s Day.

Private initiative in private universe’s developing new, real markets for real dollars’ value is obtainable.

Redefining the legal term, “corporation” such that it includes monies from profits reinvested in competing subsidies that respond exactly to a priority list from Earth Sciences in private universities (the idea being, avoid State genocide exercises), and cooperation from public universities, able and willing to complement private institutions–this is applied entrepreneurial economics, developing new markets from large-to-huge demand to perpetuate our species and evolve naturally, in ways the Pope assents to, and other doctors of divinity would find acceptable.

Abraham Boulder: rabbis may agree to it, as well.

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