Nasty, Brutish, Short vs. “Get a life!!”

Note: I say a lot of terrible things here, only to show that terribleness in society needs to be acknowledged, for our muscle and heart, to flex and beat strong. For us, to regain our posture, dispose of black humor and dada culture, and come alive as Americans, once again. Here then is the content that goes with the top heading:

A. Nasty, Brutish, and Short

Screw babes to death. Fuck the dead to be greater totalitarianists, zombies murdering. Poltergeist.

Kill off the good of all races, and upon their death, we be good.

Love our dictator. Engage in war like hell, to reach the heavens, and salvation. Redemption. A good time had by All. Victory.


Get a Life and Keep it

Republic. Freedom. Independence, 11generaldirectorate,chiefjustice: 5council,supremecourt,200assemblyLawinAction,judges:2U.S.President: U.S. Secretaries and U.S.Directors:50, U.S.Senate,U.S.House and gov’t employees:U.S.(Hayek:Austrio-Hungarian):50People,state gov’ts;Power-of-the-governed,private sector(Hayek, Denmark,Vienna,Karl Popper,mother,Jung):200LeaderShipCouncilforSustainableAction, Demos, businessman and businesswoman, workers, disabled workers (mental and physical), disabled (physical; brain disorders, retarded, brain-damaged), physically disowned by medical practice needing legal protection.

DefenseDepartment1:president,commander-in-chief,1:chief joint of staff,Sect’y of Defense,Sect’y of Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army. Emergency Pprdness. National Guard. Personal responsibilities in Law of self-defense. Civil groups. Volunteering. Religion. Personal beliefs. Conscience. Pragmatism. Genuine Love. Intimacy. Dealing with addictions. Drug Abuse. Physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, WQ (wisdom intelligence) abuse. Well-Being. Nutrition Science.




Creation Chi-energy promoting human life, animating principle spirited action,from Something–a Higher power of Sanity and Love,to something,from Eternity to Eternity, pulled by the Higher power pulled forward to true North, true South, true East, True West, to Destiny, and individually to a Fated Death, soul by religion, spirit absorbed into cycle of living forms in the universe; Birth, Want to live, Learn to live, Relearn how to live, Death, Enlightenment, Rebirth, or Regaining “something to live for,”G200,Marshall PlanII, ScienceII, Meseach on exoplanet for moral character, moral authority and integrity for Scientific repair work done correctly, for 200-300 years more of humanity on exoplanet Earth, onto a million.

Abraham Boulder.

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