Let’s do less, “getting carried away with yourself” and more, “alright, I’ll learn, and learn it correctly.”

We “pray” secularly, as Mayo Clinic says in Adjustment Disorder–that, further “context” be maintained by Governments in the federal system–that any decision which leads directly, or indirectly, to the destruction of the human species, is too anal a decision, or judgement becking us to common suicide, and murder.

What we need, and must have, because no mortal is greater than the dictates of History, and the internal God, must be acknowledged by those of faith and in agreement within history, to be the Higher Power, for human creatures to bend towards Sanity rather than break or be crushed by leadership thinking themselves greater than mortal upon this Earth.

In the pursuit of correct thought, more right than wrong, we pray that use of the metaphor of qualified women combat fighter pilots kicking afterburners in for flight, will inspire our leadership, our representatives in Government to reformed, better history, in its present tense, at the juncture, the turn, the bend–as in prayer we now are faced– to save humankind.

I speak not to be a hero or out of a great burning bush.

I read in “Jung on Evil” Princeton Press publ., that he felt that we must go beyond a constant deliverance of what is good or bad, and be aligned with the word commonly used in science: “correct.”

At this time we have no more time to banter back forth on what is good or bad, we need to learn, know, correctly: complete our projects on-time, with feedback loops in a intranet between all workers and management in the Project, with no whimpering.  We are now competing with smart technology, AI in your face.  Please adjust.

With genuine love, for those that “get it” (no homosexual lifestyle implied),

Abraham Boulder.

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