Essential Synchronized Practicum

To live out life’s requirements and bolster the next generation’s philosophy and faith–to be progressive and liberal, but see clearly where spirit, soul matter outside of government that should never, ever be stomped out by government, and those non-atheistic do not proceed on Earth with politics from either parties that leads to a social science that snuffs out–extrnguishes the Eternal in spirit soul mind sacred physical form and the Only One God of goodness to greatness–something Eschatological to occur after a 1,000 year of Jesus on Earth (supermarket Christian prophesy), but because, in fact, this is a Communist Apocalypse, all Spirit and soul will be snuffed out destroyed by the State as an Hegelian absurdity or blatant Totalitarian Nightmare, Now.  Carl Jung and Issaac Newton spoke of a 1,000 year challenge to Jesus reign on Earth–spiritually apparently occurring in 2016–the crossroads of gambling away our Eternal souls, separate from State activities profit and services provided to the public, but an extinguishing of the Eternal God and our souls by Totalitarian State rule and politics, and social science– forever.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. As matters of the heart, neither candidates seems to be willing to continue our generations of our specirs–Skulls & Bones–or something.

As actor, Nicholas Cage did a constructive piece/peace about our foundational roots and the discovery of relics that needed dusting off and some repair work.  I offer the Electoral College to regain some muscle tone to flex it’s traditional bones to determine who is, after 200,000 years of our species’ existence will continue our survival–this Superpower is being ever more Globalized and needs “adjustment amendments” to update satisfactorily, including keeping our share of good jobs, for all Americans.


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