The authentic republic in demos

Uncommon common sense accepted as authentic, a damaged bell ringing resonately, by the authentic Republic governed by the power of majority in Demos.

Submission to government is a free act. The Nation, as the whole people keeps a sentry eye on it’s representatives in government, and further the cause of freedom and responsibilities, by law, creed, and action.

Let’s keep the peace, in: Peace, War, Revolution (reconstruction).

It is the Republic called to sway the majority voting or cajole the political body voting on a constitutional amendment, applying reason, and, WQ, wisdom intelligence.  All other intelligences may apply, but do not have to.  SQ, spiritual intelligence involving values and meaning, EQ, emotional intelligence, what is confirmed with WQ-IQ, or WQ-SQ. IQ relates to skills of trade and survival of the species.  Too much intellect can take away from the cause of actual survival.

Abraham Boulder

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