Hey! Listen up.

Heavy brown shirt. Left arm near first Chevron near but not at elbow.

Jung said go beyond good and bad, to: “what is correct?”

Right and justice:. Nntural Law vs. raqueteering on murder, and the take cannabilizing natural law.  Scams.  Pay ups.

In corruption, the snake, the Leviathan is embodied as leadership and the human species fated to be consumed. All along trained by Tibetans with Aryan language culture taken up by Skulls and Bones. Poltergeist!

What of right and justice?   Does it exist solely for the take?  Do we live more then, to be an amoeba, a bugger!

Then, what is correct?  Does life have no meaning?  Is the quest only to be consumed by the exoplanet?!  Do we have ambition for the widest horizon of $100 million trillion, in 2008 real dollars!!  A strong economy, liberal economics, reformed, exists when all income brackets are populated.  Don’t we seek reform for our take?  This is a 500-year bet!  With the loot comes redefinition–legally of the corporation to include competing subcontracts on project schedules and Deadlines set by leading universities involving Earth Sciences.

Abraham Boulder.


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