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What makes white? Fabergé??!

White winters. Russians live throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, are they white Russian only or is there a blend?

Russia has white. Does all Russia for white causes? Do Russians have connections to the Soviet Global interest, communism, dictatorship, nonlinear economics, and??? the death of the white race in America by professionals out of Moscow, “Leningrad” and other Soviet University professionals to kill the white race in America under the historical precedent “Karl Rove Doctrine?” What about China professionals? How ’bout Indian professionals, mathematicians, nothing else? How ’bout the England department of delusion that this is not America, so Karl Rove genocide from a professional graduate degreed assailant is appropriate qualifications for SS activities within all state governments–mocking as fiction: science, scientists, and the U.S. Bill of Rights?!

Because what constitutes the “good deal” in this present time in America is receiving a chunk of cash, destroying our constitutional government, and genocide of the American people, the Power of the governed.

And what constitutes a Jew? German vs. Russian? or any other Nation? Black, white, or yes, Asian!? Or, yes, Christian. Stop killing each other.  We’re all good and bad we always are of one group. Right or wrong.  We do our job for money and we enjoy in our livingrooms, dens, and basements and ride the byways “to destinations yet unknown, and sights and friends yet unseen!”

I do not seek greatness.  I am very grounded in the truth of reason and what we learn in behavioral economics.

My claim is proper education involves WQ, wisdom intelligence, SQ, spiritual intelligence (what values we uphold stake our living presence Earth by and which I believe determines fate or destiny to heaven or hell, at levels of hell or heaven you are asking for eternally. In quantum physics, if you are educated, intellectually astute, bombastic, sardonic, and unforgiving cruel, then your biological plasma’s matter in physics is fated to decay and behavior is justified.  For an amoeba, not for humankind!

Nietsche’s “anything goes” freedom is Not Freedom, but freedom not fulfilling obligation, or your duties or being true to yourself in a responsible manner does not constitute freedom in uncommon common sense, but this may very well not be, status quo either!

We either stick together, or we hang separately.  We need to unite as one population, one American U.S. people, because laws are written for us.  Empower ourselves as Americans because the professional class needed little of the fairness in law to buy their way out of illegal behavior.  We need the fair laws on the books.  We need judges, and attributes applying and interpreting it correctly because we us the general need to protect ourselves educated crooks, educated ripoffs, educated conmen, educated destroyers of our constitutional governments and our global participating populous, populations within U.S. borders.  Constituents maybe requesting reforming by amendments what we strongly believe but not eliminating our constitutional governments.

Possible: WA state auditor candidate not a u.s. constituent.





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Bbnc Plague Or staph incurable. Both?

Seik CV Shipmate


Renton  WA D8 17915 249 ave

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Funding request.

Food sparse in Africa.  See if giving to Care, Red Cross International, UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency), can be budgeted in, at this time.  Thank you.

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It is a church.

They murder, they burglarized, they put their cannibalize democracy and liberal economics in the homes and byways of the heartland.

The murder, the stealing, the torment, the anguish, the horror (Conrad in mind), the terror–it all makes them stronger, makes them triumphant, very proud of themselves and esteemed–the Tao, to grow in greatness by sheer misery of the populations, to think yourself, a King, an Emperor, a Czar, a god or Ceaser, render the world populations of no longer usefulness, is a claim that clandestine operations are underway for robots to replace servitude and that minds, hearts, thinking capacity will be shut down.

It is Now, the 1,000 years–the murder, the mayhem is worship to their Tao gods.  To take chunks of money for mass death is the “good” deal.

The gods serve the volcanic ash and volcanic earth.  We are less than the bugs, the serpent’s, we serve.  From the worship of alien destructive entities, comes the crush of Totalitarianism, gambled on by doctors of Divinity. Thinking greater equitable share of wealth, they have the destruction of an evolved political system of Democracy in action in mind. In America, the American People and the Power of the governed, for which the People are supposed to serve in government, federal system of government is destroyed.

Bottom line, they destroy the very trade system that Marx said was an improvement on trade and that brought billions out of poverty–liberal economics.

It is a gamebit, chunks of money to the loser. Death to all. Final.Final. The Dalai Lama is the wise ‘ol salt.  What’s left? Lower the American flag.

Fill-in plays for the house, and the house always wins.  So the house wins, also, this time on final final, the door’s close, forever, all–lost, (loser’s win). After all, it’s a gamebit.




Sales forces show human capital can shut down the economy, losing confidence in themselves  and in their elected representatives who lead the People away from our constitutional government instead of amending it, where it’s appropriate.

Mechanical devices do the manual and some of the thinking in repetitive job profiles. But salesmen and saleswoman argue that change is exponential and human capital cannot keep up with the exponential AI labor force.

Creative forces are required.  Divergent solutions employed.  President Clinton in her quest for keeping good American jobs, can demand that jobs that need the latitude and longitude of cognitive faculties and IQ, and EQ, SQ. WQ, for decisionmaking not employ silicon chips for this quality work!,  by “womandate” stating, “No silicon or electronic devices, or any tool of any kind, shall rule over Man, Woman, or Child(ren), for any reason.”

–Keven Young Wm. James Tolstoy.




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Satanism comes a knockin’. God-concept kicks the start of the Game.

Church of Satan exerecised by Representatives of the State thrashes about the murders of innocent people as it stands idle, depriving reinvigoration, and practicing “zero behavior,” a mere “nothing,” concentration and worship of immediate demise.

The prayer of Delusion, is honestly worshiped for huge negative decimal values on the Value Index, y  =  – 1, annhilation.  Where, 0  <=   x   <=   +1, is constructive enterprise,.  x   =   +1,  is the divergent, correct solutions to the problems we begin to adjust to solving, for the next 300 –  500 years.

No longer, z  =  O.  Now is the time, cease postponing necessary adjustments in bottomline behavior (together, behavioral economics).

For heaven’s sake take a moment for prayer, or we won’t last the week.  Pray also for those not so blessed–that you do not lose your possessions, or your life, the lives of your families–and that the unfortunate are not put into the mainstream of productivity by ideological communists and Israel, they the downtrodden, be given adequate sustenance and level of responsibility for the ability to continue to live, and be alive.

It is, “go!”. Go, with the adjustments.

Abraham Boulder

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Author! Author!

Brave New World to Titan, to Joseph Pulitzer-award winning, The End.

Why repeat it?

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Do consider. (please). press WordPress.

Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the mind by which it was created.”

I say, “Seek Destiny, mindful in applied business neuropsychology–BrainThink, Wisdom Intelligence, WQ, for a much wider horizon of Continuing Net Profit to cover Net Loss, Less: “Mind” from which, We cannot Solve our Problems (from where we are Now), we must BrainFunction, mind the brain’s health, and not tax it too much with fun food,… serious eating!

And the ability, agility, and nobility to know when “BrainFunction,” is the Call for the Day, and a mind that develops for tomorrow, with divergent brain solutions that fit the outstanding premises.

Abraham Boulder

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