dream1 and, “too real.”

Charged with murder. Am I killed in prison, or do I become a symbol for tomorrow when they work and play to destroy: today, frame people: now.

So I come out like Mandela, representing the Republic with Creator, God of Sanity:thus Genuine Love, Marshall Plan II, Science II, G200, Fort Knox, Realism and Hope Foundation in transcendental function to effect action supporting co-existence and using religions’ social communism, working within liberal economics and evolving democracy and constitutional government without destroying the political or economic system we have now, for a robust democracy and global-trading republic.

Too real:

In the meantime, snake, or rather, lizard keeps vomiting his venomous, caustic “special sauce” on me, and “bit” me once (one of his fangs’ venom reached me from upstairs and was very painful). The vomit slowly kills you –you get lethargic.

I have to have a lab test a shirt. And see about removing the lizard through King County Environmental Science.

Abraham Boulder

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