What we have, shall be squandered, “No more!”. “Hear, the Winds of Change!”

We have come upon ourselves, and found: if Neitzche says, “God is Dead.” I say, it is time to Create, not degenerate. Hence:

“When the deepest and most grounded, in the fertile mounds of fertility, yields spiritual vision that is married to a practical and pragmatic drive of humanity’s behavioral science, to transform all existing political, economic, and social institutions, a holy force (one that is sacred)–has the power of wisdom intelligence, WQ, and genuine love, that is alive and generated, not genocide implemented, not mass suicide in desperation;” And the Love of Our Creator, God of Sanity:thus Love is not squandered by contemptible and incorrect ethical imbeciles schooled in philosophies, to clog our brains and straight-jacket our minds, we have a sacred spirit for which we can start anew, a new civilization, built on the philosophical ruins of millenia, crying for this God of Sanity, and realizing–It is the Higher Power!–from which We do not! fall, Our failures, corrected, our hurt acknowledged, a Sane compassion generated, to prevent scholarly Hubris, prevent political deceit, and political treachery–we then, take it upon ourselves, as a sacred oath, to never forget the dark. Forgive. But never forget it!

And shine with the cognitive statement, “Behold the Light of Universal Consciousness,” shining in the Light of Discovery and Attentiveness, to see in the dark of ignorance, and the dark that yields to paradigm shifts –that what matters is mostly unknown and unseen–it yields a spectacular majesty of explosive luminous and potentially livable exoplanets, from which comes the Hosts of millions of years habitation, on exoplanets full of WQ, wisdom intelligence, expressing affective welcome, to our shared Universe, that favors less, considerably less, of the suicide of our present technology–for us, to reach the goal of a million years spent, bolstered by WQ, wisdom intelligence (when to use, what to use, how to use, whether to use at all), SQ, spiritual Intelligence (building values that are favorable to our continued existence, and meaning!), EQ, emotional intelligence, favoring Genuine Love coupled in procreation and intimate, shared enjoyment (aided by a resolve to end our addictions), and IQ, emboldened to not call our species the sum of a paper examination, but a diverse range of what is normal, what is biologically astute in nature–we share with world populations of diversified living forms, to act, and endeavor constructively, to innovate, to endow ourselves with the creative response for our Destiny. A call to Action. It is the Hour.

Abraham Boulder

Quote taken from, “Spirituality: What it is, Why it matters,” Chapt. 10, ‘Spirituality and Politics ‘, Andrew Harvey, author. Book author, Roger S. Gottlieb. Oxford University Press, publi. ©2013.

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