Satanism comes a knockin’. God-concept kicks the start of the Game.

Church of Satan exerecised by Representatives of the State thrashes about the murders of innocent people as it stands idle, depriving reinvigoration, and practicing “zero behavior,” a mere “nothing,” concentration and worship of immediate demise.

The prayer of Delusion, is honestly worshiped for huge negative decimal values on the Value Index, y  =  – 1, annhilation.  Where, 0  <=   x   <=   +1, is constructive enterprise,.  x   =   +1,  is the divergent, correct solutions to the problems we begin to adjust to solving, for the next 300 –  500 years.

No longer, z  =  O.  Now is the time, cease postponing necessary adjustments in bottomline behavior (together, behavioral economics).

For heaven’s sake take a moment for prayer, or we won’t last the week.  Pray also for those not so blessed–that you do not lose your possessions, or your life, the lives of your families–and that the unfortunate are not put into the mainstream of productivity by ideological communists and Israel, they the downtrodden, be given adequate sustenance and level of responsibility for the ability to continue to live, and be alive.

It is, “go!”. Go, with the adjustments.

Abraham Boulder

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