It is a church.

They murder, they burglarized, they put their cannibalize democracy and liberal economics in the homes and byways of the heartland.

The murder, the stealing, the torment, the anguish, the horror (Conrad in mind), the terror–it all makes them stronger, makes them triumphant, very proud of themselves and esteemed–the Tao, to grow in greatness by sheer misery of the populations, to think yourself, a King, an Emperor, a Czar, a god or Ceaser, render the world populations of no longer usefulness, is a claim that clandestine operations are underway for robots to replace servitude and that minds, hearts, thinking capacity will be shut down.

It is Now, the 1,000 years–the murder, the mayhem is worship to their Tao gods.  To take chunks of money for mass death is the “good” deal.

The gods serve the volcanic ash and volcanic earth.  We are less than the bugs, the serpent’s, we serve.  From the worship of alien destructive entities, comes the crush of Totalitarianism, gambled on by doctors of Divinity. Thinking greater equitable share of wealth, they have the destruction of an evolved political system of Democracy in action in mind. In America, the American People and the Power of the governed, for which the People are supposed to serve in government, federal system of government is destroyed.

Bottom line, they destroy the very trade system that Marx said was an improvement on trade and that brought billions out of poverty–liberal economics.

It is a gamebit, chunks of money to the loser. Death to all. Final.Final. The Dalai Lama is the wise ‘ol salt.  What’s left? Lower the American flag.

Fill-in plays for the house, and the house always wins.  So the house wins, also, this time on final final, the door’s close, forever, all–lost, (loser’s win). After all, it’s a gamebit.




Sales forces show human capital can shut down the economy, losing confidence in themselves  and in their elected representatives who lead the People away from our constitutional government instead of amending it, where it’s appropriate.

Mechanical devices do the manual and some of the thinking in repetitive job profiles. But salesmen and saleswoman argue that change is exponential and human capital cannot keep up with the exponential AI labor force.

Creative forces are required.  Divergent solutions employed.  President Clinton in her quest for keeping good American jobs, can demand that jobs that need the latitude and longitude of cognitive faculties and IQ, and EQ, SQ. WQ, for decisionmaking not employ silicon chips for this quality work!,  by “womandate” stating, “No silicon or electronic devices, or any tool of any kind, shall rule over Man, Woman, or Child(ren), for any reason.”

–Keven Young Wm. James Tolstoy.




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