The time has come, the Day is now, the action is taken in this historical moment

Tree of change. Deep rooted it transcends the earth to new heights while firmly holding onto the earth.

In constitutional form, we, the constituents, are bound to the calf of one leg of another calf of a leg of any Founder of this Nation and its Creeds. Our “souls,” on our feet, looking down. To know our disposition-to-terribleness, and the need to follow the Founders’ effort to transcend our misery and abuse, and solve our problems of the Day.

This is a day of reckoning. Politicians say they work to get us below the 2° mark, and they will accomplish it in wilely manners.

We must take it upon ourselves to set a new path, to conquer the below-the-2° mark, to reverse the Earth’s temperature further to accommodate trickery and times of lack of resolve–to bolster an agreement by most major polluters and show the world that private initiatives and private industry is capable of transforming in applied entrepreneurial economics (primarily, business ventures), our global economies to a sustaining apparatus or system that keeps the human species, and other diverse species’ alive, for millenia to come.

The government enters into an agreement with industry to use economic incentives and decentives on a scale, called “the value index.” It takes into account bonuses of money for business operations (applied business behavioral science) doing the decisive things required by the Dean of the Earth Sciences department of our leading universities to save our species at the right place (x = O, “do no harm”;              0 < z <= +1, correct constructive action)  at the right time, and legislation passed to redefine the corporation so destructive businesses         (on the Value Index ,   0   >=   y   >  -1, negative one equals, nuclear winter)        whose net gains are “huge” or “obscene” (not “big”) invest in competing subsidiaries, who proceed with enterprise on a schedule task regimen assigned coordinating body schedulers’ assignments deadlines associated with following priorities set by dean of department chemistry, biology, physics departments’ head coordinator meet for each department head  who assigns tasks done timely basis (no longer than this) from the respective professors in these departments.

The value on the index ranging from 0  <  z  <= +1 (in decimals) can be used as the economic incentive plus market value for net gain dollar value (in real dollars) mathematically by multiplying the decimal value by market price and adding it solely to the market price.  The value on the index with a “y” value of -1  <=  y   <=  O, where y equal to negative one, is nuclear winter, or devastation; and y equal to zero, is “to do nothing, is like, doing harm or destruction,” can be the dollar value (in real dollars) of the economic disincentive.

The economic incentive “z” times the market price, (in real dollars) can come from “negative y” times market price (in real dollars).

Abraham Boulder

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