Dada bigotry behavioral science meets East Coast Straussian lies

Bigotry behavioral science power grab of braking equality law may expand in a Karl Rove Doctrine of hate and death of the general population by the professional politicians assuming, it seems royal status.

Dada literature on a scientific psychology of bigotry worshiped in a Satanic church that has no business in government proceedings in statesmanship and stateswomenship influence the population to put out the effort for Abraham Boulder’s life to be shorten considerably.

It seems that a number of completely obsessed thugs and murderers in high places have made my death a top priority.

I write to keep my skill as my organs are targeted with poisoned by chemicals and bioagents that are nearly impossible to prove.

I will, as I practice my writing skill, attempt in earnest to use a lab to prove this careful assassination attempt meant to look like a stroke or heart attack.

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