Politik. Make it work for physically evolving all our races via tool and human command.

2 × 100 billion.

“Eye off the ball.”

U.N. says “Now!”. Environment saved now!

Assume the President is “in.” Both he and the Vice President can be politiked to negotiations that save homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and physical evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens races.

Real politics during real historical events.

We can’t wait a year to find a leader who will lead us to the Promised Land that needs to be done in 10 years or less.

That can be our secondary concern.

Make it a treaty of sorts to provide 100 million each year in 12 years should he be reelected. Give him “the taste” for 100 million in trust for reversing policy decisions to pay on debt.

Get going now! Do the “behind close doors”.arrangement that does the job for all homo sapiens races including physical evolution–a can-do in the United States.

Reminder: AI quantum fusion tool principled to Human Command. Bioengineering principled to sacred cerebrum, sacred lymbic system, responsive heart to Sacred Heart and lust.

Keeping eye on ball difficult with King of Saudis and M© golden egg noodles both 100 billion short. We need Intel to a mission for USA for once instead of other countries.

Get a billion a million, not $100 billion the feasible price tag. [Make it infeasible, impractical, illegal, and not historically good or great fortune. Work it out. Work it out. To make allowances politically and argue U.S. Supreme Court that “you cannot keep policy that works to destroy Federal government and states’ governments (the People).]

Abraham Boulder

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