Not a placebo, not a “powerful drug”

If ‘ 1984″ ever came, it is now.

The drug that is legal–10,000 times more than [fenyen] is an antidote for disaster.

But is, in actuality, not a foregone conclusion that “it’s all over,”

And “we can,” if we want to. Look, I’ll be the remaining proxy so you don’t have to get out of your seat.

All you have to do is “roll up your sleeves, and: action.” It’s like raising the flag.

It means, “you mean it.” And your actions prove constructive will be done that, from wherever you are on the web grid, you will point yourself in the “correct” direction (science for homo sapiens sapiens), to do constructive action (this certainly doesn’t mean, “naive.”)

So constructive measure, serial constructive action. You can have negative affect. You don’t compete with the robots with regards to your true feelings. Positive affect keeps us from “burnout” or “total burnout.” Negative feelings “may hold true.”

But constructive means serial actions. Small steps, to big steps. Feel the pace. The lifeline. We will be meeting literal deadlines to achieve, and “success” will mean, ‘keeping our ‘ass alive!”

Great luck!!

Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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