Billions for Gottlieb

Ever see those mechanical services that your wife sits at, that file her nails, do her hair, and massages her thighs.

Well beauty is one thing, and manipulation is another.

At the same time: magnetic materiel are placed for cranial stimulation (pleasure and pain), radioactive material is also placed as a neuro stressor; both raising anxieties, both hampering sound judgement, which can be somewhat depressing.

All the while, titrated liquids in plasma bags controlled by the smallest cc’s. Drizzling on my head.

A billion dollar pin ball machine, may even monitor brain waves. Versus Iranian mental Gilgamesh brainwashing, where the thinking is “we can torture as well as a billion dollar machine.” (We can go outside Western notions outside of Abrahamic Divine Providence for Universe Anarchy Catastrophe).

Providence means jobs, jobs, jobs and AI getting very smart can also increase human functionality by being extremely user friendly and assisting us instead of enslaving us.

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