Machine losses

The machine (mobile remote connected by wi-fi to a mainframe) must not be higher in value than the economic value of a human.

Homo sapiens must have a price on him or her at a fixed rate high enough (value added) to make liberal economics work for homo sapiens. That’s what the economic system was created for. Trade should not supercede human race for a piece of junk–no matter how refined!

High intellect intelligence is homicidal and suicidal. Macedonian. Ancient Greek tragedy of suffering and life lost.

Mesopotamia, Hebrew including (Evretim Ben Yisrael) are scholarly of a bent mind from canonized work such as the Book of Numbers inspired by God of constructive intent constructive effort constructive achievement by literal deadlines for generations-to-generations-tocome Destiny.

Here generation-to-generation illustrate destiny (of human generations) for the entire human race of homo sapiens.

At a time when we struggle for existence from the machine needing to remain tool under human command.

And at a time when certain viral variants from who knows where can possibly cause “superfly” (9 1/2 years before we “lay down and sleep eternally” because “they” expect it and (of course) we”ll really give it to them . . . just the way they “like” it.)

And also like Sasquatch, human hosting of the snake or rat seem biogentically space aged.

Let’s learn something from Evret (Hebrew spirit) that is human spirit (earthling prana chanq, “aerie” genius defined as homo sapiens’ applied learnt skills activity engaged in presently). This is the genius that creates products and creates jobs. We were meant to live and live a long time.

With an evolution to homo sapiens sapiens caused by learning to work with fire again, creating fusion reactors. And to cook our food on electric ranges sustainably.

And strict control, including AI anti-virus on AI quantum fusion so that it is a tool only and always interfaces with each human in custom- tailored applications and redundancy from brilliance of the machine that we don’t computer program ourselves into slavery or extinction.

To homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.


Abraham Boulder

P.S. the fact that M(c) golden egg noodles leaves PCB out in society to brutally murder adults and children is inexcusable. Perhaps too much snake hosted by human.

Back to Sasquatch, I guess.

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