Bellevue hospital appreciation week

Poisoner’s in Chief similar episode.

To dawdle is to lose the war.

Have we lost four wars.

Who stands out and is responsible for hating America and the World among leaders here and abroad?

Not that I’m a jingoist. I think this Viet Nam syndrome goes too far.

Although a professor in The Great Courses whom spoke of history not usual professing said, “we lose wars (America), but win in the treaties [or hereafter].

Abraham Boulder

What weak leadership that attempts to destroy a man’s genitals. I mean ha-ha, but . . . this is really very, very serious. Am I to believe this is New America?

PCB uses years-1800’s neurotoxins from New Jersey from Hagen Daz(c) chocolate ice cream as psychiatric behavior.

He also gathers himself in his rearing with other people to create plentiful cultures of neurosyphilis to share with the public. Those unprotected.

PCB: 10,000 times more powerful than fenyan[sic] opoid saturated.

Learning from experience, exposure to Slovan Milosovic. Detained in ultrasaturation on opoids shows “no mercy” by this antagonist.

Not punished, but rewarded for incarceration makes him a master criminal mind: a criminal genius mentality propped up to stimulants and opoids in American society capable of moving society to great criminal aims and results.

Someone of his nature and will do less than four years as an accessory and active engagement to this line of criminal subliminal psychiatric thinking and this horror, this terror, this living nightmare of influence by the criminal genius will get serving less time for good behavior and be let out of prison to take medications he agrees to but will not take to award himself with medals he does not deserve and on which he worked mightily to destroy American society and the world, all out on taxpayer money and complete effectiveness in neutralizing the future generations of American and world leaders.

In practical terms, this is the American and world leadership.

The American Premier.

Buttressed by a medico neuropsychiatric organization documented by social work.

Disabled mal-aligned and misappropiately funded for American trolling.

This how world leadership destroys morals and ethics. By reducing human to economic values reaching zero cents.

Then they are (the world leadership) are paid by business to eliminate the public nuisance, or human existence.

PCB is the defeathered bald eagle made to look like a turkey vulture tearing flesh off the carcass of the American population.

Abraham Boulder.

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