Sanity matters.

Vienna circle and dark matter

Similar, totalitarianism with diety, Hobbesian oxymoron.

A body politic that makes themselves divine is unconstitutional. Inspiration the exception. Homo sapiens’ responsibility.

regime compli is state dei hence purges of ethically significant are done in invalid and totally unacceptable actions by groups practicing violent solutions to ethically significant events.

In the face of the need for correctness for 8 billion people to “space travel back to exoplanet Earth from Mars.” Cannot accomplish mission to the earth without correctness in behavior and achieving correct and accurate results in “piloting the space ship to Earth.”


Limited constitution private prayer and privacy in religious life and/or American faith including principled ethics of atheists not to exclude constructive God prayer and supermarket constructive prophesy including JudeoChristian resurrection from generation transmigration death.

Resurrection of dead populations is new generations-to-life with final spiritual departure in spiritual belief systems.  Not in actual biological life.

Totalitarianism is death eternal with antiquated divine museum or new religion museum.

Permanent calculation as annihilation is a defense posture–not prophetic offense in civilized secular thought. It should not be action by state.

Asking God to “butt out,” “hence; God is dead,” leaves discussions with a greater chance to avoid insanity in action by state.

Abraham Boulder.


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