Normal America

2-week to 6-week healthy “ordeal” to complete scheduled task.

Back to user friendly alcohol use or recreational drugs.

In context, ubermench weeks-long (two to six) confirmation of science correctness in schedule of business.

Nietzche’s comment that some Jews are good and healthy and successful.

In this scenario, ubermensch weeks-long (two to six) leads to profitable enterprise and commonwealth can create lifestyles with backgrounds not requiring stereotype Jewish lifestyle.

Or, living a style that recognizes corruptibility and ubermensch of human creatures’ normal duality.

It would then associate Jewish brilliance (when achieved) in shared good and smart consistent lifestyle.  In healthy contrast, if desired. Both, successful in business.

Different groups have success with their respective backgrounds when variety is desired.

I believe this moves past Nietzchean philosophy  in secular talk (nonreligious) about a Jew problem-of-goodness when human creature elements include frailties and resounding wins together.

This then is proposed as a way that power can hande commonwealth success with differences in employees ethnic lifestyles.

While both parties achieve excellence, and might achieve “most excellent.”

Abraham Boulder

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