Endless starting fourth week

Numbification, distillation by titration of specific chemicals, shellac dosing of the entire head, acid elimination of areas of the body, drugged, defiled, denigrated, fraudster actions against me. Reintroduction from networked super computer the detailed reference in a personal, collective subconscious constituent of The United States of America within the borders of this United States.

All reference points are alien to the newly identified.

Adjustment criteria made by a mainframe linguistics computer is a Herclurean task by American humans (homo sapiens) to try to adjust.

Sometimes turned into Zombies mentally and host to computer chips’ identities or human host to the rat or snake.

The state disavowed the personal idiosyncrasies in private for public display whereby the state says “you are” what you’re not, except you’re labeled mentally ill for not going along with state reconnaissance which can entail work release prisoners doing keyboard inputting of a clerical nature. And other cozy statists that are less than honest willing to create a bureaucratic language of a individual not authentic and created for purposes of practicality stemming from “processing” the constituent in the particular department of state doing the documentation.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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