State Affect and Trauma Effect, both possible

State idealized in subconscious by dictator and his office of information and office of administering.

Citizen physical only identity that is downtrodden attitude generated by state.  Mental state is state entity identity only.

Subconscious Soviet agency and “generational Dad or Mom Soviet technique” (unconscious).

Over developed heart and addiction with trauma incl/ electrical shock and “swelling bust butt” technique terrorism at rear.  Salve creating denial “that any of this needs to be remembered.”

Butt busting gigolo master technique Riker’s Island Attica south.  Master/slave or die by overdeveloped heart of reared.

Possible rearing by overfilling with water then continuous electrical shock for enlarged phallus to fit and condition heart for life-and-death mandates of activities, criminal, and seditious acts out-of-control live or die option. Live and do wrong.  Die otherwise.

Hypnotic, magic hexing, theft technique, theatrics, brainwashing possible by circling environment. Otherwise technique invented from gravity feed or below dirt compound to actually traumatize constituent.

Generated by antagonist for rear affirmation.  Dedication to pejorative extreme rogue aggressive homosexuality and pejorative death cult. (terrorism). Warped mentality, warped emotionally.  Attack of rear flank to support generating abnormal behavior during protagonist’s offensive, engaged in constructive achievement and literal deadlines.  Disable constructive offensive.

Wig-wam got a doctorate in education for the Soviet technique as a Nazi Jew.  PCB smoked excessive amounts of cannabis and was very, very
rear “intuitive communicator” for learning subversive techniques of terrorism through rear exercises.

Russian federation family can be involved in hexing, or traumatizing because parents are more property than anything else (not “human people”) (subconscious, unconscious family participation involving ideal state entity, sole identity (no human, no homo sapiens–“empty shell of a cpu”–the state)).

PCB and Wig-wam become  computer programs hence satisfying state desire (totalitarian party directive for nonhuman action and human elimination.  Done by officially diminishing human economic value and unethical fiscal policy of culling population and consequent, less budget deficit).

Poor goals, flimsy achievement, unnecessary suffering cause and effect, misappropriated fundings.

As an aside, Hispanics and West Indies participate in hexing in their culture.

White America does hexing for medals, promotions, junta.

Truth thrown out the window.  Losing mission that would obtain information relevant to improving present status (at any moment in time)– that would be commendable.  Bigotry and participation a priority to institutionalize and set agency policy to hurt people physically, leave protagonist in mental trauma, or murder this constituent different from you, the field officer.  There is no rhyme or reason for the hurt or death results.

Affect to institutionalize effect.  If not mentally breaking humans to crack antagonist’s knuckles.  Then distressing them simply because they are vulnerable population that should not be overly stressed and are mocked for being responsible and  not overstressing themselves, if not oppressed.

But these professional men have to act like goons to satisfy their egos and throw ethical behavior out the window because Stalin and Hitler are there favorite heroes and America has to be a failed experiment that they do admit they are responsible for.  “So,” their attitude states, “What of it?”

Yeah, like I just got through to you, right??


Just one big attitude problem that they aren’t responsible enough to deal with effectively.  To solve correctly.

To end Viet Nam syndrome.  Stop collecting medals and losing the war.   Losing the planet.  Losing the species.

Failing “to get it” correct.

Abraham Boulder

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