What was that, again?

We built a coffin, and it has blinking lights.

What’s more is that they gave it the role of aggressor whom they gave it greater economic value than human.

We can put politics in politicoeconomy and put a fixed monetary value for human life that forces liberal economics to value human (homo sapiens) greater than AI robot.

We can do this because “liberal” in liberal economics connotes “the individual” Liberal political philosophy means that human has rights to “life, and liberty, and keeping property from owning him- or herself.”

That property does not usurp the rights of the individual to be free from the bonds of imprisonment to the AI robot nor take away the life of the individual homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens.

Freedom via limited constitutional government (hence the “silent majority” private presence) includes freedom from computer command decisions without human overseer of actions and the ability to remediate correctly and swiftly computer logic.

Abraham Boulder

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