What they do when they get walls moving

I read that intel can move walls to gaslight victims.

They also practice starlighting with those who have a faith in a God and choose to maintain a relationship with Him.

Some intel tries to interfere with the relationship of Man with God by starlighting.

Starlighting is a campaign of aggression at a victim that gets assaulted by negativity by the perpetrator whose in denial of owning those feelings and is busy accumulating trauma for the victim. Over a course of time: harm upon harm upon harm upon harm.

How can a course of action in any sense of the imagination be inner self or internal universe, physical quantum dimension, result in effective trauma of the victim?

Feelings are said to radiate out. Facial expression does not have to be relied on when feelings are expressed. Then felt and acknowledged in the active limbic systems of perpetrator’s and protagonist’s brains.

First in nocebo, ill will, then vitriolic distemper, in overcompetition of antagonist towards the protagonist. These emotes are units of emotion expressed by surging physical movement of the perpetrator.

As an aggressor or antagonist viral concentration at the aggressor’s pool of viral form or viral bodes in a sector of his human body transfer in subsubpartical space to weaken the immune system of the protagonist and habitat within a sector of the victim’s body as viral DNA.

This pool of viral DNA can focus on the brain and connect with neuron DNA and sicken neurons or take a microbiota path of linking to proteins that sicken the body and it’s brain in the ascending microbiome pathway from the gut.

Affective intelligence that functions like the white bouncing ball on words in a sentence construction, hints at by feeling and syntax, conspiracy-to-do-harm, or a trauma event.

Morever, affective intelligence can be manipulated to be sanguine and merry, but be misleading with nocebos, ill will affect, or vitriolic distemper emotions to do effective harm in the heart by deception and assertiveness of the lie. Oh–and with a sardonic smirk.

It usually takes time to know your being starlighted.

You can also introspect and self-heal.

It does exist. Many times your told, “your crazy.” But the bottom line is the aggressor doesn’t want to be found out, and it’s time to work with him, move on, owed an apology, or a counselor sought.

The second chance? Will you live to run through it again?

-Abraham Boulder -Keven Jung Young


YourTango: What You Need To Know About Starlighting, Gaslighting’s Spiritual Cousin.


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