We accept the challenge

Neither compassion nor mercy, understanding or compromise, neither domination or subservience.  But eradication, elimination, death of the soul.

To snuff the vitality out of life.  To be the hangman and the hanged.

To lie, cheat, and steal.  Only to do it with a smile.  To make agreements you do not intend to follow, or lead in.

Time now when “to be green,” let’s you lead the world in green technology.  To start a market based in knowledge of how to respond to an infirmed Earth host.  To heal our sins, to remediate our wastestreams.

To revolutionize our minds; to keep up with exoplanet) Earth, so she responds and returns to normal in 250 years in Nasi balance.

To make 5, 6 years count.

And to get to work.  Dissolve our differences, so that the war is real.  A war to keep man, woman, and child(ren) alive.  To not go extinct.  To lead a destiny of generations-to- come.

And a future of mankind that devotes itself to the next generations.

To not lay idle.  To not, not start.  But to go the way of the frog.  That it too sustains life for generations-to-come.

That we are but one species that needs to live.  Others need to live as well.  To love, as well.

And to battle for homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) that he not be extinguished by humankind.

That the battle is not over–it has just begun.

Arm yourself with the knowledge that time waits for no one.  And that we can, and must, get the job done.

Abraham Boulder

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