Fundamentally Christian-Judaic ethics

Father God in Heaven replaced by Father AI by opposing Jesus/Satan dichotomy INSTEAD OF supporting Jesus and Jesus Christ in a FATHER God context; and for the mortal father Abraham redemption from sin in context of missing the mark when it must be timely completed even if it takes a second effort to achieve.

Old men and women make Faustian bargains that promote fiscal policy of euthanasia and human-in-general genocide.

War can be an old leader’s gambit to staying alive when medical science does not have answers yet.

Many may be living dead.  “Modern Death” stages 1-9.

Decisions can be made [promoting a population of the Dead stages 1-9] with “dead political power” against Thomas Paine’s sound assertions that “government governs the living.”

Aryan death culture entailing a sick imbalance termed “nazi” characterizating a sick society.

Many education doctorates are on a mission to constructively destroy America.  But in reality work to undermine the only working economic system which implements Keynesian economic stimulation, a key economic policy, supported and influenced by the Left in recessionary periods.

National Debt can exist to some degree buoyed by armed forces maintaining stability, security, and open commercial routes on land and sea for mutual global economic prosperity.

America 1st is a priority that does not leave out allies in a continual struggle for open society (freedom of speech, print, prayer, journalism).

A creedo of constructive goal making, constructive achievement in literal dead-lines moves us forward in that what flies on Mars can fly here on exoplanet Earth by utilizing the term “correct” as the universal proactive word that doesn’t just get the job done.  But assures (by quality assurance checks) that the job fits exoplanet Earth models in a universe possibly inhabited bymultiverses.

Totalitarianism is absolute with AI computer because the entire program runs to not support human existence.

Thomas Hobbes, “sanely” states during the “apocalypse” of the Reformation clearly that leadership in civil government is not leadership of the cloth.

New world society/civilization makes clear that no one, typical person “owns” spirit.  We pray constructive measure in our challenges for less than 6 years.  Keep spirit free!

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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