Look to Medici effect answers

In order to expand those employed to solve the really difficult questions, or to bring the world population back from Mars to exoplanet Earth.

(1) how do we honor China militarizing, testing his strength, and maintaining robust commerce, while looking on the American (U.S.) frontier to envisioning “deed DONE.”

(2) how do we interupt battery technology for hydrogen technology while employing Japanese leadership which may include South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and possibly Mynamar (willingly).

Presently, hydrogen has been discovered to be easy to produce.

With all honor to China, batteries technology is a “stall” to keep hydrogen power out of the hands of our allies.

OR, battery power will prevail and hydrogen power will be utility specific.

Japanese copyrighted technology is a brilliant start to solve our problems in five years.

-Abraham Boulder.

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