Can we see the Citadel on the Hill?

Evangelical Fundamentalist.

Do they have predistination of souls to Hell.

The British Commonwealth of Nations is a Kingdom whose subjects go straight to Hell without opprtune times for a heavenly release.

Trump has heart.  Like Lincoln: he knows failure, time and time again.

He seems primed to get our fair share, maybe more, if our greedy hands don’t overdo negotiations in the turf war for sales in the United States, and good jobs for Americans domestically.

Getting our fair share is an obligation.  Playing tit for tat in abusing trade negotiations is destabilizing and falters trust in the United States for being reasonable and fair.  All trade partners’ takes need to be consistent with skills and education, and experience (including detail knowledge of local customs and laws, allowing the workers “to live in their own borders, or work from human migration.”

With regards to Hell and trade negotiations:  Is Putin developing a goon squad of Americans as a purging station to go into trade partners’ sovreignties to eliminate competitors in politicaleconomy?

Understanding national interest is a subject of importance and studied around the world.  But restricting economics to a material self when conservative politicaleconomy (communitarian influence) can answer for capitalism and direct trade to utilize system of trade (capitalism) without altering the realities that differ from world consciousness (with no unconsious), and the material “me” that represses and suppresses large quantities of “psyche” information into the private, personal unconscious to be “fished” for by functioning intuition consciously applied diving into “a deep mountain lake” of unconscious material.

Abraham Boulder

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