What if? What if we enter a call for continuence

Am I clipped? Did the penalty cost a down? Is my butthole compared with PCB–most assured junkey.

Is gambling something to gamble on, or is it “a sure thing” vs. “Monies’ Redemption” (coupons for a return every 5 years and a windfall redemption in 300 years).

This bond instrument keeps us focused on a future. There is no future just by saying “they’re saving it.”

No future. No real markets. No real dollars. We were taken off gold–less mercantilism. But a strong economy requires reinvestment, even if they are subsidiaries, and even if they go green (don’t destroy our exoplanet’s surface and doesn’t make the human species extinct).

Save “Species Destiny” corporate bonds, and develop hedge funds that move the returns (the take) into real markets for real dollars. For mucho bucks that last longer than just the near-term. Celebrate our species. Get into Destiny.

Overcome in shear volume the temporary income stations of the fatalist whose life becomes worse and worse because the quantum physics is disturbed, not just molecular science, and our brains are not holding out.

Abraham Boulder

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