Eschatology and the survival of the human species

Murder is unacceptable, and not an act of convenience, it remains criminally, homicide. Any acts in history, need to have a perspective greater than personal expediency, except when disabling a president engulfed in the good common wealth of a reasoned good originating from the Almighty God–economically healthy over a wide horizon of 300-500 years, and laying the post-end-of-days for the Meseach to stay a Isaac Newtonian 1,000 years, and perchance acceptable to Orthodox Judaic law, or separate Messiah focused on the Law, and full industry and technologies of a scientific entropic energy “salmon” life energy vital force Chi period, cycling in history.

It is not that a Messiah comes, but what happens after His/her stay that determines Destiny or Fate, entropic creation life energy vital force Chi “salmon”, or entropic Aryan chi death wish.

Abraham Boulder

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