Luther L. Bernard: “objectively-tested fact to replace our venerable tradition”

To be: the computer. Non-spiritual, non-human, but physical. And in bio-genetics, bio-engineering, do we change the physical brain organ’s size?

How do you know if human critical judgement, legitimate discrimination, has been eliminated for an “improved” capacity? What about the assertion that homo sapiens sapiens must use tools, not have his head enlarged, and his instinctual capacity as an indvidual involved in group activities, used correctly as in Gigerenzer’s “Risk Savvy,” and prevented in Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow.”

Function may improve behaviorally, but how about the historical behavior for survival that includes sanity and a collective unconsciousness, a private, personal unconscious and individual consciousness in relation to Gigerenzer’s assertions and Kahneman’s caveats.

Keven Jung Young

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