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Creed of Entitlements

Creed of Entitlements

The Natural Law of the species takes precedence to the Natural Order when the Natural Order is not detrimental to the species health or well-being (i.e., longevity) and does not do unacceptable damage to the Natural Order environment, that is the universal environment.

This is the human in the species’ ideas’ genome of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

To say, “will is devoted only to biological, chemical, and physical processes,” is to ignore the idea quanta that exist as discrete units (i.e., idea quantum) and enthalpic energizing input that drives evolving physics, evolving chemistry, and evolving biology–with universally enthalpic collective ideas that energizes particles (two separate units) in physics.

The Natural Law of faith or belief we have to perpetuate the species, navigating through and scientifically existing in a Natural Order, is a faith of Learnt Optimism as Natural Law, one of post-pythagorean angles and perspectives of “what is,” as method of analysis; and an understanding that the idea quanta that a) Creator God exists, and b) He/She is of phenomenological nature, of Sanity; serves as the Natural Law of the species, homo sapiens sapiens sapiens for its adventure through 13 potential global calamities. And our emotional intelligence and emotional Wisdom inheritance is the Natural Order of the species to navigate through a million-years life span; and acknowledged as the correct Natural Law of the human species.

My efforts, laid out upon table of inquiry, is to trace the line that divides humankind from suffering the Nietzsche insanity labeled by criticism completed by Jung; from the sane approach considered post-apocalyptic by Jung, and extending the Learnt Optimism that I have stated is a Natural Law of the historical evolution of our species, that I, Abraham Boulder, state is now post-end-of-days.

I now put my effort into avoiding war not necessary at the global conflict level greater than the Kissinger doctrine, or Barnett’s effort and expertise in strapping countries into, economically, pulling their weight in relationships within global-village commerce.

It seems to me there is a sand trap in the way of swinging the club on the fairway. And to get to the green, required in these times of strategy and finesse, the golf club has to be brought to bear the gravity of ignoring a phenomenon that, once the phrase, “Creator, God of Sanity” is elicited, gets “less of God, the Creator, in creation myth,” and “more of a overarching Sanity prevailing our presence on Earth, and in the universe.”

Should one, at any time, wonder if your leadership is equal to all of our races’ genes, one needs to consult your own honesty, and see if Jung’s sane approach needs to be brain-exercised to learn about the psyche construct that he explains about conflict and resolution in the practices among the world populations, and the sense of sanity that exists on its own that one would think, he took great advantage of in his work, which, together, does not leave you empty of thought, feeling, sensation, and some form of intuitive inquisitiveness, but instead places a caring arm upon your shoulder, firmly gripped, to owe up to responsibilities of the Natural Law of human existence, that we, the homo sapiens aggregate in world trade, in families or single, have the right to existence and for you government leadership, are mandated to protect that right.

This is not just a cry for a world standing population, but the existence, with purpose, scientifically effective in assuring future generations for 500 years of science, applied science and applied technology; emphasizing, devoted, and backed by force, to enable the energy in enthalpy to be studied extensively and to provide scientific packages of knowledge capable of technologies to answer the cry “to live, and to continue to live.”

So be it. Earth 1st, Me 2nd. For a million years of generations to come!

Abraham Boulder–Keven.

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Japon, the Isles of Opportunity

Japon, the Isles of Opportunity
Japon can invest in Mexico for liberal economic reasons and receive dual citizenships whereby purchasing is legal. Clusters or neighborhoods of building projects recommended. Urban development plans should be drawn. Initial purchases should be made by realtors with dual citizenships. Plans for development of city or county lands need approval. If there is land available, counties would handle property taxes and urban development and incorporating a new city or incorporating by integrating cities towns and county lands approved through county. All municipal (city), county and state laws to be abided. Revised ordinances of the city and county and state code done in city or county councils with freedom of speech by citizens in “hearings” focused on proposed revisions. State laws subject to revision by state legislatures. State Supreme court judges constitutionality of law.

Therefore, get dual citizenship first, then establish special interest groups, give thousands dollars correctly in officials campaign funds, and establish PACs to push your agenda to revise the state constitution. It must not go against the central government’s authority which is its central duties and power.


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Let Me Make Myself Clear

Let Me Make Myself Clear
Many important books of the times are written mediocre, at best. Such are the works of 1984, The Animal Farm, and the book, Intellectuals.

Intellectuals makes the point that, should you be exercising yourself by intellectualizing, history can be destroyed (the future of humankind, “bleeped” off the screen, forever).

It is my evolving interest in scientific actuality, one that has a 500-year tradition of generation after generation, everyday people, coming up with possible answers to solutions in scientific actuality; that these inquisitive creators-in-their-own-mind–first children, then adults, contain a wide, varied accounting of what is scientifically actual. They become professional scientists, sometimes laymen, laywomen, possibly laychild natural philosophers (e.g., in family-run business–children could possibly do this) has carriage-drawn-me to the following specific point:

Those who go about, “intellectualizing as exercise do it as “Reality!”

It is though, in fact, a derivative away from actuality; that in critical moments of history, it is “a losing proposition.”

So, one whom wishes to exercise intellectually needs, on a continual, intentional basis, to reach “base camp” (i.e., scientific actuality) in order for your leadership to not be labeled with the distinct symptom of “delusion” in a qualified brain-disorder book.

However, there is a caveat here.

1) The workings of the mind has limits when you believe in “spirit.”. Not that these limits are limiting to everyday function, or scientific inquiry, though.

2) The feelings of someone may be expressed in simple affect intelligence in aerie Shakespearen substance, and,

3) Gut Feelings, the book, written by at-the-time, Dir., Max Planck Institute of Human Development, is on to something.

That Kahneman thoroughly and exhaustively dismisses, quite impressively, the notion that “anything goes” in inquiry of validity of an intuitive subject that comes to mind. When, in fact, most intuitive inquiries are false, and all speculation, at that moment of reverie, can be completely false.

Regaining confidence, and composure, we proceed from those facts,, as follows:

Gut Feelings has a term, “rule of thumb” that needs discussion.

A thumb, was a measuring tool of centuries ago, called an “inch”… just as
the arm was a measuring tool, called a “yard,” although some say your feet, which are called in mesurement tool, “a foot” would, when brought into one’s stride, would measure out, to be also called the term, “a yard.”

This is ‘right off the bat,” a discipline in construction that focuses on the physical parameters around you.

But through the centuries of generation after generation, the everyday person who had these “rules of thumb” could turn his or her head from “rule of thumb” thinking to post-pythagorean philosophy and propositions, to, then, scientific inquiry, which the mathematician would later find, throughout the universe, and having metrics proportional between an object and another object, and then third object, ad infinitum. So, similar proportional occurences that have symmetry and proportion in the human body, have items of porportion in the universe.

The metrics, the quantity numbers on the universe and the human body all are proportional to there respective bodies.

The philosophy of angles, degrees, porportions is post-pythagorean. The thought based on quantified metrics involving angles, degrees, and proportions represented in mathematical equations is the science of physics.

In particle physics and possibly, in nano physics, it is already, I believe, discussed that one particle can touch another although a million years apart.

Particles or nanos conceivably can be “spit” out of a person to another person subliminally with similar intuitive functioning of each of their personalities of their brain. However, there is a big caveat here and, that is, for sanity reasons, for this form of mental health to be maintained, we use Jungian terms: a) that the first and second person, both have a personal, private unconscious each, and b) that there is a commons that serves as a visual location and vehicle for social discussion in the common unconscious (e.g., golf course, a tennis court, basketball game or in baseball, volleyball or in football) while each person is at home or elsewhere from the social venue.

This idea structure in the psyche (one of the brain-mind idea structures) avoids the applied communist problem, found in socialist communist and fascist socialist world consciousness, that has no boundaries between persons and interferes with job requirements and what a person has to do to survive for the him and his family.

Would there be a subconscious, there can be a meandering stream of calm, that could serve as reminders to help stay alive, and be well; while work gets done, and living conditions occurring below in figurative form.

Neurostructure determines if this developed intuitive function into the subconscious of the psyche is a social discussion of the brain that involves a social animal that experiences his own imaginings of two or more people talking to him; or discussions of him within a social venue (where persons congregate) context separate from where he and others are, away from the venue.

In other words, if two people have the appropriate intuitive brain structures and intuitive personality psyches, they, themselves, would be well cased in their brains and the vehicle imagined of a social venue, a common grounds IN PUBLIC would have these two persons apart in a different location from that venue, but the imagined venue, or commons, would be experienced aerie-Shakespearen substance away from their present locations, apart from one another.

Now, I will discuss, rule-of-thumb psyche intuitive personality, and what it has to do with post-pythagorean philosophy of a natural philosopher.

In other words, where I get my stuff on my postings from.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Introducing! Rot Brain

Introducing! Rot Brain
The elusive rot brain disease! The second or third generation toxens have bioengineering character to effect DNA where previous toxic chemicals only yielded harmful reactions with bodily chemicals.

These new toxens transmute genes into “kill mode” whereby the genes themselves send the chemical signal to croak.

What is not recognized is how closely these chemicals mimic human genes! Such that a part-per-trillonth kills the region of the brain that controls and sends signals for enthalpic action.

It is not that enthalpic is naive–enthalpy is the opposite side of the coin involving only two fundamental and universal energies that exist, entropic (energy to rot); and enthalpy (energy to live).

What truly happens in “knowing” by smokers and others, by biological sensing to the brain, is how well smokers and these other chemically laden people are aware of the truth that genetically, they “carry on,” do non-smokers do that!? Especially for 500 to 1,000 years more?!

It is simple enough to say that, “America stops smoking.”. Do you then postulate that “the world (that keeps on smoking) wants to live, but the U.S. doesn’t?” Genetically, to pass on your genes you typically can do, say, by your 30th birthday even if you chainsmoke. So by biologically, whose the wiser? Those that pass on their genes but live somewhat shorter lives, or those that want to die, want to take everyone in the family with them, and this family doesn’t smokes (or at least, is not a chain-smoker?

What these part-per-trillonth toxens do, in conjunction with some heavy metals, is deprive the body of the signal for enthalpic energy-motion-action at the receptor site in the brain (or within the genome) where enthalpy would normally engage in productive activity relevant to long-term projections of survival, not just the short-term, i.e., a tornado, or an earthquake, or a really bad storm.

It turns off our genetic survival mechanism, both at the specific site in the brain where it would be found, and/or it transmutes genes, and, therefore changes our human genome to not produce the chemical signal for enthalpic energy to exist in sufficient quantities to respond to the brains’ personality changes involving extroversion-percentage-loss of 1% each current year–begging to ask and receive by this emerging increase in introversion (now, a majority,), divergent answers (multiple answers to choose from–some “out of the box!”), that scientific research finds (or in a true sense–creates)
to stop this nano perpetrator from shutting us down for good!


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“Stomp! Stomp! Round N’ Round!


From Muhammad’s file:
“Swing your partner, round and round,…Now stomp your feet!”

“And what if I asked to be changed into a frog?,” p. 6, Jean Dominique Bauby, publ. Vintage Int’l., 1st ed. July 1998; ©1997 by Laffont.

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Hey! Hey! populations. Cheerlead among Men, Women, and children

Learned Optimism, Learned Enthalpy

Immediately, the officials to the school, would say, “We ask God of Sanity to bud out, we are Jews, we can get this figured out correctly”. We have angled it from one perspective to another. On the one hand, and then, another. But now, we go forthrightly!

I say “correctly!” “good”–if correctly, then sociobioethically correct! Ahead, directly ahead…we go!

Is it not Earth hours, instead of Man hours. Do we not become Earth 1st, Me 2nd. Is it not Now that we do the universal energy of enthalpy (energizing to live). That until now we only did such energy on automatic.

Now in earnest. Dedicated in discipline to scientific actualities, remediate what can be effectively achieved at this level.

But what is ingrained in the republic at a higher level of ascent, is to anticipate the perpetrators initiating actions that are against the remaining parts of the Earth that Is livable, and Can be made sustainable while cleaning human and animal waste, neutralizing toxens including extremely lethal toxens, that in their part-per-trillionth tell us: ” Rot! To your Death I send thee” “Go away from enthalpy, although it is my brother, stay away. Stay away from knowing, that his, Mr. Enthalpy’s strength is Your strength, and behold! You empower yourself to enthalpy, you can energize yourself, you can choose to live and fight. Fight for liberal ideas (even if they are “conservative”) by learning cognitive psychology and saying things that start, “I am for the good. I am, in political science, for, democracy. I am, in science of economics, for liberal economics. If we have change, we accept what is an evolved social science of homo sapiens or homo sapiens sapiens, to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens according to the HISTORY of PROF. HAYEK, who taught in England, and from Vienna; despite the deviousness of socialist communists and socialist fascists in language. Our chemical poisons can be neutralized. So can opposing language.

This is for the laws of science, including social science to approximate the Natural Order of creation as close as possible at any given moment, thus assumed, for the moment to be, “actuality;” is termed, “Natural Order, Natural Law.”

Ms. Enthalpy, I assure, has this law of strength, of energy, throughout the universe, as well.

This energy is in every man, woman, and child, of the universe, it is, enthalpy, one of two laws of energy, one of rot,… one of: “go! live! Earth 1st, Me 2nd. My stamina has to be kept up.”

But that is possible if we give priority to an advanced warning system programmed into mainframes and attending to global personnel and human social events and their probabilities of being destruction-of-the-Earth events. In numerical status order we prioritize our countering motion

It is not by saying ” wrong!” or “right!” And having the passion of your convictions, and correct on a sociobioethically standing because the natural order of the universe is insync with the Earth’s scientific readings (natural law), that you argued in social science and biology of our organism, that we are of a certain way; that you then, Cannot disregard that we are arguing that the social science of our species with regard to physics and the law of energy of enthalpy (energized to live), and thus LANGUAGE, that Motivates the populations, and assures them in Actuality (that Brutus is not to stab him in the back at this moment, and neither is the government, nor are leaders in government and business sworn to rot us out of existence), that enthalpic action is a universal law, as well as entropy (the rot energy) and can be utilized for the benefit of mankind (humankind) instead of his AND her destruction

Words do carry the day, but let us use systemics “ahead of the game” in computer code, and let us use social science interpersonally in group settings that: a) recognizes the species, homo sapiens to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens [see an earlier posting on this mutual ascent], and b) the universal law of physics termed, enthalpy, which Leds us to interdisciplinary action (and we pray, synergistically so!) of: Language (e.g., English); Social Sciences; and Hard Sciences of:

Earth 1st, Me 2nd–Earth hours, not Man hours.

Rest assure, the profits are plenty! With a Manhattan Project for fusion power, or for “applied wise, applied science, applied technology”, the salt molten nuclear reactors, engineered and researched in Canada Which Do Not Have Meltdowns (Although needs confirming by global nuclear agency). Sanity by any actual measure would say that this a delight!

It is Sweden, and China’s lead in fission power that is also impressive because fission nuclear reactors can use spent rods for power.

Once the technologies are engineered we can have a Marshall Plan, that then, can take us to close proximity of our goal–to place Earth 1st, Me 2nd.

This can continue until each potential global calamity is resolved and be a boilerplate-for-action for future events yet untold!

For the USA, the Hayek U.S. Constitution Party (e.g., Social Democracy Liberal Economics Evolving U.S Constitution and state constitutions).

–Abraham Boulder, –Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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If I make people choke, it’s woops, gas!

If I make people choke, it’s woops, gas!
Mind me, my income deposit hasn’t come through, and like certain lifestyles, I can use a clean haircut. But my troubles aside, I focus on what are humanitarian outcries.

Heuristically it seems, many do not only choke on improper sanitation but “choke upon deaths’ door” while living, not wishing to enter now, but dismayed by the lack of infrastrucure investments in toilets, plumbing and correctly working wastewater treatment plants (this includes toxic wastes–which Japon grieviously admits, includes radioactive wastes, wastes of industrial nations led to save the world by Sweden’s uniform fission power plants, which, by the way can be handled unscientifically, purposely, to intimidate and WEAKEN the Swedish populations’ desire (through European et al. social science, both by their sinister, pluck resources in the aerie environment of socialist–communism or fascism, and biological damage, politically engineered for organisms of homo sapiens and their food supply), again politically motivated, and entirely outside of democratic principles in actions, in behaviors.

Requiring a mandate to allow the citizens of the nation of Sweden to have elections called, to determine who to vote for, including new parties, especially parties espousing democratic freedoms, which includes the fundamental and inalienable right to confidence votes, on the existing government, in Sweden.

Or scientifically, handling radioactive waste with the code of honor that such an opposing elements, that can wreak havoc and death, should be handled with more than equal force, of assertions applicable in nuclear science and the science of ecology, to maintain a livable, sustainable planet.

News this day! Canadian nuclear-physics’ firms are doing what they can to educate the public of a plethora of small nuclear reactors capability of the salt molten variety, which someone on the internet (believed to be a nuclear physicist) rated as “free” of existing or future “meltdowns.”

They use dispensable self-contained, energy “manifolds.”. As contained units, they require cool down technology, but their self-contained structure can prove to transport easily to radioactive waste sites.

Question to my mind is, ” Do they leak?” That would have to be addressed scientifically soundly, and correctly.

But the bit about no meltdown. Can their research be checked to assure the public that investing in these technologies results in this occurring: instead of worrying and fearing meltdowns–we are completely relieved of our group, global concerns of notions and possibilities of meltdowns–none occurring!!

To scope down from the radioactive-waste concerns, to the toxic wastes that concern us, including grossly lethal substances that can kill minusculely, to the trouble in eastern Asia and Mexico “that death is at our door” because historically they haven’t had or kept AND NEED adequate toilets, plumbing, and human waste treatment plants.

This needs to be an inalienable right in global industries.

Abraham Boulder “–Keven”

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