Creed of Entitlements

Creed of Entitlements

The Natural Law of the species takes precedence to the Natural Order when the Natural Order is not detrimental to the species health or well-being (i.e., longevity) and does not do unacceptable damage to the Natural Order environment, that is the universal environment.

This is the human in the species’ ideas’ genome of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

To say, “will is devoted only to biological, chemical, and physical processes,” is to ignore the idea quanta that exist as discrete units (i.e., idea quantum) and enthalpic energizing input that drives evolving physics, evolving chemistry, and evolving biology–with universally enthalpic collective ideas that energizes particles (two separate units) in physics.

The Natural Law of faith or belief we have to perpetuate the species, navigating through and scientifically existing in a Natural Order, is a faith of Learnt Optimism as Natural Law, one of post-pythagorean angles and perspectives of “what is,” as method of analysis; and an understanding that the idea quanta that a) Creator God exists, and b) He/She is of phenomenological nature, of Sanity; serves as the Natural Law of the species, homo sapiens sapiens sapiens for its adventure through 13 potential global calamities. And our emotional intelligence and emotional Wisdom inheritance is the Natural Order of the species to navigate through a million-years life span; and acknowledged as the correct Natural Law of the human species.

My efforts, laid out upon table of inquiry, is to trace the line that divides humankind from suffering the Nietzsche insanity labeled by criticism completed by Jung; from the sane approach considered post-apocalyptic by Jung, and extending the Learnt Optimism that I have stated is a Natural Law of the historical evolution of our species, that I, Abraham Boulder, state is now post-end-of-days.

I now put my effort into avoiding war not necessary at the global conflict level greater than the Kissinger doctrine, or Barnett’s effort and expertise in strapping countries into, economically, pulling their weight in relationships within global-village commerce.

It seems to me there is a sand trap in the way of swinging the club on the fairway. And to get to the green, required in these times of strategy and finesse, the golf club has to be brought to bear the gravity of ignoring a phenomenon that, once the phrase, “Creator, God of Sanity” is elicited, gets “less of God, the Creator, in creation myth,” and “more of a overarching Sanity prevailing our presence on Earth, and in the universe.”

Should one, at any time, wonder if your leadership is equal to all of our races’ genes, one needs to consult your own honesty, and see if Jung’s sane approach needs to be brain-exercised to learn about the psyche construct that he explains about conflict and resolution in the practices among the world populations, and the sense of sanity that exists on its own that one would think, he took great advantage of in his work, which, together, does not leave you empty of thought, feeling, sensation, and some form of intuitive inquisitiveness, but instead places a caring arm upon your shoulder, firmly gripped, to owe up to responsibilities of the Natural Law of human existence, that we, the homo sapiens aggregate in world trade, in families or single, have the right to existence and for you government leadership, are mandated to protect that right.

This is not just a cry for a world standing population, but the existence, with purpose, scientifically effective in assuring future generations for 500 years of science, applied science and applied technology; emphasizing, devoted, and backed by force, to enable the energy in enthalpy to be studied extensively and to provide scientific packages of knowledge capable of technologies to answer the cry “to live, and to continue to live.”

So be it. Earth 1st, Me 2nd. For a million years of generations to come!

Abraham Boulder–Keven.

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  1. This essay has been extended in address to world leadership.

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