Poisons of Naught and Naysayers and Thomas Carlyle’s Yes to Enthalpic Riches

Poisons of Naught and Naysayers and Thomas Carlyle’s Yes to Enthalpic Riches
Please bear in mind that we have ongoing offensive of boutique Big Pharma, sourced from this industry, and motivated from its bottom line, designed and implemented from such schools as the Soviet whom house in their quarters well-known medical centers pharmaceuticals that when used together intentionally leave a series of antisocial disorder behavors purposely promulgated by the likes of the Behavioral Science Department of Psychiatry at Stanford or its associates .

Let us be reminded that such schools and their affiliates are motivated by the bottom line and the bottom line thinking has become nasty and sinister as though these pharmaceuticals are administered in such a way as to be toxic to the brain and “wise” to the mind. That naysaying to the energies of enthalpy, i.e., to the impetus of a desire and need to live has increased by the trillionth per part lethal poison that now kills the amphibians, and leaves naught and naysayers preventing the historical yes of Thomas Carlyle of energy for living and continuance in persons such as are candidates for the presidency and U.S. Congress.

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