Ever Wonder what Really goes on??

Ever Wonder what Really goes on??
How much speculation is tied into one another?

Gigoloing, Big Parma, the Medical Field, China workers on too many amphetamines because of three particular characters and a fourth knew how profitable it was to speculate with character #1 pimping and character#4 gigoloing and character#1’s multiple use of amphetamines.

Med, Mad, and Psychiatry, and government attorneys of India, bolstered sociologically by Dr. Stimper Morass aiding the disadvantaged (these professionals with no education whatsoever in India) strutting their credentials, working to destroy learnt democracies. One wonders, in these democracies, how many degreed citizen-professionals “learnt” their subjects this way!

Russia aided by Rasputin who knew Russia was at a disadvantage because Adam Smith described the rest of Europe’s markets, whom was not hindered by the traditional opium trade, set to hamper China’s economic development and not interfering with the coffee trade which stimulated further modification from Imperialism of Britain and mostly the coastal sovereign nations, removing more of the shackles of royalty, allowing for greater markets that bolstered industry in history AND strengthening global economies, away from the opium trade..

The Coffee Trade stimulating value-driven industries historically competed with the up stroke of gigoloing of the pimp masters leading Russia, England, and India, of royal stock or heads of states, and their counterparts in pimping and as high- stationed pushers.

Fear-driven opium industry afraid by occult standards that opoids, used correctly, would bolster economies, keeping sick employees working instead of out of work, and keeping them from stealing ( burgalarizing) for full-stregnth heroin and opium in China and the world. Led by these heads of state in Imperialism or otherwise.

Big Pharma led by a psychiatry guru impressed with Ritalin, employed in certain medications, stimulants used off market with additional drug effects, to bolster stimulation as a mental health tool in medicine and in finance. Oftenly, combining these drugs for stimulating effect to affect pseudo-brilliance.

Best excercise your body that also stimulates and makes healthier your brain, two cups of coffee for the heart, two cups of green tea for anti-oxidants, for your brain’s health!

by Abraham Boulder


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