Earth a billion years before “The Human Age” [author Ackerman]

Earth a billion years before “The Human Age” [author Ackerman]

“Then only spongy colonies of one- celled, blue-green algae blanketed the shallows dining on water and sunlight, and Pumping Torrents of Oxygen–their version of flatuence–into the [air]”

[Keven’s initial caps], p. 1:0.

“As the lectures [schoolwork] and snow squalls ebbed, we students seemed small radiant forms in a vast white madness.” -p. 8.

“For nearly five billion years, life ticked and tocked through An Immensity of Bold Experiments, . . .”

[Keven’s initial caps], p. 1:1.

“. . . which the blue-green algae’s Re-creation of the Planet [with Oxygen] Made Possible.”

[Keven’s initial caps], p.1:1.

The oxygenation of the Earth with algae that eats carbon dioxide, and emits oxygen, should be easy to pioneer (invent) and bio-engineer!

—Keven (Abraham).

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