“Come in! Earth, we came this way to help out. Let’s do it!!

“Come in! Earth, we came this way to help out. Let’s do it!!
We have reached and gone beyond existential annihilation, even if only for a moment.

We have gone into civilized, philosophical destruction, and a study of disorder in the science of chaos.

From the science of chaos, we’ve learnt that mankind, humankind, has an interval of time by which he or she can save his and her humanity, as his and her brain, too, goes into disorder!

It is important for mankind, humankind, to recognize this derivative of order, before he perishes beyond the zero sum loss, i.e., dysfunction of mind, . . . and of the psyche–not withstanding his and her ability to meet these increasing stresses.

From these derivatives of order, i.e., in chaos, we can only go forward by reducing derivatives, to actually increase order, while chaos contnues its presence. This “forward-pacing backwards” approach turns out to be the only way we can go forward (pacing) while returning to an increased natural order on Earth

(“Capt. Kirk, we are sustaining major damage to the ship while we are caught in this galactic cloud.”

“Scotty, this is the Bridge, we need more engine power!!. . get us out of this cloud now!”)

It’s imperative that Man not think himself capable of leaving this threatening, disorderly function, at this time in history; but, instead, seek to compensate for this self-inflicted wounding, and seek greater sanity found by the Creator, the God of sanity, keystone in weighted arched concerns, matters of Man, seeking True North direction (True South, True East, True West, too); and, thus, the Creator = Something for Something (i.e., Creator for Man, and Humankind), instead of Nothing begetting Nothing!

This sanity, phenomenologically recognized as universal truth, meditated upon, conceptually drawn, to empower ourselves enthalpically, in energy, . . .energizing power, in the trenches of billions upon billions of people, for having the capacity to arise to The Cause, enthusiastically, but apprehensively, with learnt optimism such that he or she Does Not get in his or her own way for the, one of two, universal energy sources–enthalpy, that he Can Master to draw the hope, the plan, the action of a genetic species (through the enthalpy coupled with this idea quanta et al.) of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens to the task, noble in its genetic purpose, . . . to survive!

—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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