Hawking the Wristwatch

Hawkin’ screw the world and mess with Creation’s butt all the time. Why aren’t you studying the Cycling and evolving Energy, enthalpy of existence in physics? In chemistry? In biology? In idea quanta? Why not? Why not celebrate existence. The genesis of the universe.

Late Great. Timepieces on your wrist that are at orbit of Earth speed by atomic clock. Good. But don’t worry so much ’bout Late; and put yourself in the shoes, of “context” as Mayo Clinic says, we “pray for context!” when it comes to men’s and women’s fashion: your on it (1), at the job, on the job [first smart screen]; you got to be home on time (2) [second smart screen showing time]– you meet your wife!–(3) smart screen shows the time you’ve got to run errands between work and domestic living.

All this running ’bout wonderin’ if Hawking is going to get a black eye from lookin’ at the rear of the Universe’s black hole constellation. His idea quanta are going to go through this butt-in-the-universe enthalpically, be transported to at least five more universes–nay say! We trek on for a million universes, acquiring more particles of idea quanta married to enthalpic energy until we evolve a consciousness of multiverses, our conscious-experience-in-travel that satisfies Hawking’s need to soar.

I will say “a million years in multiverses” so that we, the Followers, can journey with Hawking. And I will, dare-to-say, see Hawking off as he soars to scout a billion multiverses, so we can all have a company or school picnic with a choice locale in one of these universe’s to share each of our own constellation of experience with his!

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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