China meets England. England needs to meet China.

China meets England. England needs to meet China.
England on Britain, Britain on Earth in Earth, Hawking to the Sky.

Blazin’ effrontery. Objections reassured. Anti-semitism assents.

When does China become more than ware for opium global trade?

China, asks, “When does business focus on human needs?”

When does global genocide become less practical? Less of a priority?

Conscience somewhere. Face assured, saved. Europe a bit too economically bound to royalty for China’s taste.

China too bound to limit size. Dedicated to other territories to salve its pain in death!

Communist Party dedicated to divergent answers that compete with the singularity of phenomenal sanity?

Is it truly out of syncopation or has China risen to an age of “adulthood” that respect for China focuses on schools of innovation known to exist in its military?

Now innovation needed to be used in the civilian workers’ departments needing less stimulants and more time to get on with succeeding family life, focused now materially, but needing a place to put each and every one’s dreams. To dream, not a waste–a human desire. To innovate from such dreams. Invent. Procreate. Innovate. Getting results serving China’s needs and the World’s.

Back to the Isle where pluckiness is assured in Shakespearian literature.

Can the land, of the Isle rise above its drug trade?

Opoids not needing Jersey’s abuses–more in line with continued working no matter what ails you?

Planning on a grand scale. Can a child see victory with a real grin? Or is it only mechanized death.

How ’bout those billionaires. Share the wealth with those aching to rest their bones in China, and remain living?

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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