Re: Socialist (communist or fascist).

Re: Socialist (communist or fascist).

The Socialist can get your goat, make you feel like crap while you are healthy (or not so healthy in your self-autonomy) relative to family, friends, or any community you keep. This can happen, because they are crap and you are feeling their feelings. It is all self-evident! You see, they are digitized crap logged in as data. This has been their identity for so long, that their digitery organism has “evolved” to be only an extension of mainframe computers, lacking feelings, acting as the best of psychopaths, going about their business by interfering with yours, and paid by governments to do so–solely as numbers!!

Their ideas can be great! Their ideas can be wonderful! And these very ideas, quite possibly, should be incorporated into the democracy, into the liberal economy indeed! So let’s hear a round of applause for some of socialsts’ ideas!

Never on their own! Not democracy voted in, and dictatorship next. Not to the demise of liberal economics, but to its better usage, better guidance, without killing the invisible hand found in the markets! To the moral sentiments of Adam Smith (yes, to the helpful ideas; no to the destruction of liberal economics!), and your personal commitment when voting, to keep voting for different political parties, continuing, every 4 years–referencing presidential elections.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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